Mikis Theodorakis blasts Tsipras’ Foreign Policy

by Dimitris Georgopoulos

In an article, published in his personal website, Mikis Theodorakis, world known composer and a legendary symbol of the Greek and international Leftist movement, Resistant against the Nazi occupation of Greece and the military junta, blasted the policy followed by the Greek Defense and Foreign Ministers, Kammenos and Kotzias, claiming both are completely identified with US and NATO plans and interests. He warned that by their policies, they risk to get Greece into a war with Turkey and also involve Greece into US planning against Russia and Iran.

Mikis Theodorakis has launched, implicitly but clearly, a dramatic appeal to the Greek PM Tsipras to change course before disasters happen.

He called also for Neutrality of Greece and criticized strongly the activities of the US Ambassador to Athens Mr. Pyatt. Before been send to Greece, Mr. Pyatt was the US envoy to Kiev. During his stay there, Ukraine has known a bloody Civil War, the relations between Europe and Russia all but have been destroyed and a new Cold War was unleashed. As one commentator recently noted with a sense of irony, Mr. Pyatt has visited more often and for more time the Greek Defense Ministry than the Greek Prime Minister himself!

Theodorakis criticized also the establishment of new US bases in Greece. Under the SYRIZA-An.Ell. government, old US bases are extended and new ones are created everywhere in Greece, while there is talk of transferring US Nuclear Arms from Incirlik air base to Araxos, in Peloponese.

Mr. Tsipras and the leaders of SYRIZA believed, back in 2012, and also Varoufakis at a later sage, that US would support them against Germany, because of their opposition to Berlin and they would help them to get some presentable agreement. They were also counting on people like Soros and Sachs and they had (or they thought they had) promises of support from Simon Peres and other politicians from Israel.

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The result of a policy calibrated on the support of such forces was the terrible defeat of the Greek people and the Greek and European Left, the continuation of an unprecedented destruction and plundering of the Greek people. The Greek disaster of 2015 has undermined all European Left and helped rise centrifugal, decomposition forces inside all Europe, from Brexit to Catalonia, leading also to a considerable rise of the far right movements.

Defeated on the economy front, totally confused and disoriented, SYRIZA’s leaders hope again to remain in power with US help (and the main opposition to come back by the same way). The result is that Greece, after being transformed into an economic protectorate, a Debt Colony, it is transformed now also into a geopolitical one.

Washington wants from Athens to close as soon as possible all differences with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (and Albania), in order to get them into NATO and EU and complete the control of the whole Balkan peninsula, of a great importance for any campaign against Russia. It wants also the unimpeded use of all Greek territory for military purposes, the exploitation of Greek oil and gas by Exxon, also Greek consentement to the dissolution of the Republic of Cyprus and the destruction of all historic ties of Greece with Russia, Arabs, Iran etc.

Germany is helping the US Neocon policy by adding also its pressure to Athens by suporting such plans, especially regarding Balkans and EU/NATO expansion and Cyprus. Berlin does not undesrtand that all of that will have huge risks and destabilizing effect for Europe itself and they will be used against Europe by Neocons and Washington.

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It has already destroyed much of the German political capital by destrying Greece. But if a Greek-Turkish or a Balkan war erupts, or the Cyprus conflict gets again hot, it will be a disaster for the EU in the situation it is now.

The Greek population does not agree with most of those plans, but there are no political subjects to express its preferences, after the terrible moral and psychological blow it has been for the Greek people the betrayal of its leaders. The Greek population is in a state of very deep Depression and the Greek society seems decapitated, with too few politicians and intellectuals to represent its interests and to become its voice.

Theodorakis proposed also for a referendum to be hold in Greece about any agreement on the name of the FYROM, but of course such a proposal was been refused by the governement.

In Debt colonies and in colonies in general, it is an aberration to entrust the people with any decisions

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