Will the US transfer Incirlik nuclear weapons to Alexandroupolis, Greece?

by Tony Bosnakoudis
journalist on Defense, Security and International issues *

  • US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt sent to Greece after the Ukrainian coup
  • The US is trapping Greece in the war against Russia
  • “Closed briefings” to local and other “opinion leaders”
  • Turning a Greek city into a “New Okinawa” nuclear military base
  • Expulsion of Greek authority from Greek Thrace

What the US did in Okinawa, Japan is now probably underway in Alexandroupolis, Greece, with the guidance of the US diplomat who played key role in overthrowing an elected government in Ukraine and bring Nazis to power in Kiev.

When US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt visited Alexandroupolis in September 2017 the basic question was “Why on earth would he be here”?  After all, he is the person who was US Ambassador to Kiev, Ukraine and agreed with Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland in 2014 when she said “Fuck the EU”. He answered “Exactly”. They were discussing also about who they will put to power in Ukraine, who will be their puppet. They both openly participated in the coup to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine and bring unrepentant Nazis to power along with the Scientology-linked Yatseniuk. The investigative website “The Duran” had a very revealing story on Pyatt and his dependence and cooperation with George Soros during the coup in Ukraine. The US is represented in Greece by one more of Soros’ terminals?

When Pyatt was announced to be stationed in Athens, Greeks nicknamed him as “praxikopimatakias” (the little guy who was part of a coup). The September 2017 “Energy Conference” in Alexandroupolis, however, unfolded a very dangerous scenario. Looking back at the September time point we can safely extract the conclusion that Ambassador Pyatt appeared there to solidify the US presence and control of the territory.

It was certainly no coincidence that after September 2017 many western Media were publishing on “the need to transfer nukes from Incirlik”, even Turkish newspapers! Just to name very few, The New York Times on October 13, 2017 wrote “Given Mr. Erdogan’s anti-American hostility as well as mounting security concerns, the Trump administration should give serious consideration to removing the United States nuclear weapons in Turkey”, huffingtonpost.com on September 7 wrote “Get NATO’s Nukes Out of Turkey”, armscontrol.org on November 2017 wrote “Deteriorating relations between the United States and Turkey have prompted a growing debate about the wisdom of maintaining U.S. tactical nuclear weapons at the Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey”, even the Turkish Sabah on November 8, 2017 wrote that “Removal of nukes at İncirlik might benefit both US, Turkey”. Some even put the dilemma of removing US nukes out of Europe altogether but this is not something the hawkish US deep state will ever consider.

US nuclear weapons in Alexandroupolis

The most critical and dangerous element of Ambassador Pyatt’s focus on Alexandroupolis is the transfer of the B61 US tactical nuclear weapons now existing at Incirlik base in Turkey. Alexandroupolis is much closer to Russia than the Incilrink base in South Turkey where the US has 50 tactical nuclear weapons.

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Combining information from summer 2017 and local research-discussions, we can safely say that one of the most possible scenarios (if not the most preferred one for the US deep state) is to use the “tensions with Turkey” in order to transfer to Alexandroupolis the nuclear weapons it now has at Incirlik base.

The announced military plans by the deep state of the United States are not limited to the simple “helicopter repair base” which was initially mentioned by Pyatt. Nobody believed that the US plan would be limited to this. Everyone sensed that “there is something more”. The US will bring to Alexandroupolis the nuclear weapons they have at Incirlik, because “Turkey is an unstable and unfriendly country to the United States” and also install antimissile systems. This will make Alexandroupolis a legitimate nuclear target for Russian and Chinese nuclear missiles. President Putin himself earlier said from Athens that Russia will retaliate against the US and the countries installing an anti-Russian missile shield. Obviously, this also holds for ballistic bases with nuclear missiles.

Right after summer 2017 and Ambassador Pyatt’s dominating appearance in Alexandroupolis and continuing until recently, US officials informed closed circles of participants that “because of the LNG, helicopter base, etc., there is need for strengthening the region’s security”. That’s why “the United States is willing to transfer to Alexandroupolis at least part of the nuclear weapons it currently has at Incirlik base, Turkey”. This is a pretext for the US nuclear weapons to be much closer to Russia, but it is also an attack on the Greek Armed Forces because the US deep state publicly disputes their ability to protect Thrace. Still, some people (locals as well) believed that the US will launch nuclears against Turkey if Turkey attacks Greece? That means NATO is a hoax. The NATO member will nuke another NATO member if it attacks another NATO member?

The Evros region is particularly privileged for the US missiles because it is the southernmost territory of Europe near Russia, much closer to Incirlik, Souda, Araxos, etc. Alexandroupolis is closer to Crimea by 150 km, Moscow by 200 km and St Petersburg by 400 km, compared to Incirlik. The shorter distance is of decisive strategic importance because the Russian anti-missile reaction against the US ballistic missiles will have much less time. Obviously there will also be US missile defense systems against Russian ballistic missiles to “protect us from Russian aggression”, which the US deep state would have provoked.

During the “closed briefings” the American side used the technique of “carrot and whip”. The carrot was … the “protection” and the whip that Greece is obliged to accept missile bases due to NATO Article 5 (for Iran and North Korea): Greece has an obligation to provide the necessary infrastructure for deploying a network of missile defense elements and to approve their use (without mentioning however the aspect of nuclear weapons). When it becomes clear they are targeting Russia (and not Iran or North Korea), it will be too late for corrections or for their removal.

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The area will not be controlled by Greece. The Turkish regime (which is supposedly into conflict with US) will have a decisive gain against Greece. The US nuclear missile and missile defence base along with the Turkish Consulate power base in nearby Komotini will effectively cut-off three Greek provinces in Thrace and practically control them. Which Greek state or municipal official would dare to challenge a US military commander? The Turkish regime may not really want to control West Thrace, it will be enough for them that Greece will not control it.

The US military presence there will seal the expulsion of Greek authority from Greek Thrace. Then, we might see that Washington and Ankara settle their disputes and are again good friends, nuclears will be back at Incirlik (without removing any from Alexandroupolis) and Greece would have to additionally face US military forces if it wanted to regain control.

It would not be an exaggeration to state that the staged “US-Turkey hostility” is a good way for the US deep state to disorient Congress, Senate and the rest of the US and transfer nuclears closer to Russia “due to imminent risk” from Erdogan and afterwards settle relations with him and bring new nukes at Incirlik.

It is obvious that if a nuclear military base is established any prospects for investments in the area would be diminished because it will be a target for Russian and Chinese nuclear missiles. Who would come to invest in a nuclear target? It will only exist in order to support and serve the nuclear military base for the United States deep state.

What the US did in Okinawa, Japan is now underway in Alexandroupolis, Greece, under the guidance of a US diplomat who played key role to overthrow an elected government in Ukraine and bring Nazis to power. The people of Okinawa have burning problems with the operation of the US military base in the island, part of which is growing crime rate from US military personnel against the local population. They managed to achieve an expulsion of the main base but the US deep state still wants to keep it somewhere in the island. It is not an exaggeration to say that the experience the US deep state got from handing the local Okinawa population, local officials and Japanese government and party officials is now unleashed against the people of Greece and especially against Alexandroupolis.


* The Greek journalist Mr. Bosnakoudis wrote the article we publish about the strong rumors in Greek Thrace, in the North Eastern Part of Greece, about the possible transfer there of nuclear weapons from the Incirlik air base.

We are publishing it, but DDP is unable to confirm or deny the veracity of the informations contained in it. Military analysts we contacted gave us rather contradictory estimates. As for the newspaper of the Greek Communist Party Rizospastis has written already about the possible transfer of US nuclear weapons to Greece, but to bases in Peloponnese, not Thrace.
What is certain is that the Greek government seems to satisfy all sorts of US, NATO and Israeli demands for the military use of the Greek space and also in matters of foreign policy, like supporting the self-destruction of the Republic of Cyprus, or the incorporation of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, absolutely crucial for the control of all the Balkan peninsula to NATO and of Albania to the EU. It does that in spite of the fact that such policy is very unpopular with both Greek public opinion, traditionally very sceptical towards US and Israeli policy, but also of the base of SYRIZA itself.
Greece has never been a part of the Western European colonial projects, it has rather been their victim, the last one being the bail-out program. Greece has always looked to two directions for its independence and prosperity: The revolutionary ideas of European enlightment, the French Revolution and the independent policy of De Gaulle on the one hand, Russia, on the other.
The country is /an old member of both EU and NATO, but it had in the same time traditionally important friendly relations with Russia, Arabs, the Kurds, Iran etc., relations which, successive Greek governments gradually destroy, on instructions from Washington, Brussels and Tel-Aviv.
Still the Greek people is always very positive towards Russians and against repression of Palestinians and imperialist interventions against Serbs and Arabs.
In only one question Greece (and the Republic of Cyprus) objected lately to the US policy, and that was the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Greece (and Cyprus). The decision not to expel Russian diplomats is a great honor for Greece and Cyprus, when much bigger countries like Germany or France do not have even the elementary courage and self-respect to defend Truth, the future of Europe and even their independence.
The decision by Greece and Cyprus not to expel Russian diplomats is even more important, as Greece is in a dire state, as a result of the German, EU and IMF economic war against the country and both Greece and Cyprus are the only two European states facing a real military threat from Turkey.
As it happens with all articles published in Defend Democracy Press, the responsibility for the views of the writer relies solely on him.