The US Ambassador warns of a “horrible accident” between Greece and Turkey

American Ambassador suggests US would stick by Greece in case of clash with Turkey

January 31, 2018

In a comprehensive interview with Greek SKAI television, US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt said he fears a “horrible incident” between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean, where “lethal, complicated military systems” are facing off.

Asked if Washington would step in, in the event of such a military clash, Pyatt’s response appeared to suggest Athens will not be left to its own devices.

Pyatt twice emphatically underlined that the US has an “absolute commitment to stand by our alliance with Greece”. “We are absolutely dedicated to our alliance with Greece,” he said, underlining the major role of the US base Souda, Crete in geopolitics, including operations in Syria and North Africa.


Watch the interview by Ambassadoir Pyatt to Greek Sky TV