Trump, a friend of Schäuble? He wants Greeks outside Euro – for their own good

Ted Malloch, U.S. President Donald Trump’s pick to be his Ambassador to the European Union went on the record during a Bloomberg interview, suggesting that there was a “strong reason” for Grexit— or Greece’s exit from the Eurozone.

Malloch, an economist who has ruffled feathers by comparing the EU to the Soviet Union and saying the bloc needs “taming”, has drawn widespread condemnation from European leaders and a widespread campaign is underway to reject the nomination in Brussels.

During his interview with Bloomberg, Malloch said that although he didn’t want to speak on behalf of the Greek people but “I think there is probably— from an economist’s perspective— a very strong reason for Greece moving away from the euro.”

The position seems to echo that of President Donald Trump who, back in 2012, suggested (in a Tweet) that Greece should go back to the drachma and the country was “wasting time” in the Eurozone.


Watch the interview question about Greece and the Eurozone: