Wednesday, 29 March , 2017


Ten Proposals to Beat the European Union

  This collective text initiated by Eric Toussaint, of the CADTM campaign for the abolition of the debt of the global South has been collectively...

EU (Germany), IMF(America) agree on destroying Greece

We remind our readers that Greece, a member of the Eurozone and the EU and the birthplace of the notions of Democracy and Europe, has...

Greek debt crisis: an existentialist drama with no good end in...

By Larry Elliott Original post date: 5 February 2017 Put three people in a room who can’t get on with each other. Condemn them to stay...

The Election of Donald Trump      

The recent election of Donald Trump after Brexit, the rise of fascist votes in Europe, but also and much better, Syriza's electoral victory and the rise of Podemos are all manifestations of the depth of the crisis of the system of globalized neoliberalism. This system, which I have always considered unsustainable, implodes before our eyes in its very heart. All attempts to save the system - to avoid the worst - by minor adjustments are doomed to failure.

L’élection de Donald Trump par Samir Amin

L’élection récente de Donald Trump, après le Brexist, la montée de votes fascistes en Europe, mais aussi et bien en meilleur, la victoire électorale de Syriza et la montée de Podemos, sont toutes des manifestations de la profondeur de la crise du système du néolibéralisme mondialisé.

Destroying, looting and subjugating Greece via Debt

This interview presents the genealogy of the anti-debt struggle, the campaigns for debt cancellation, the empirical foundation, the political battles and the concepts of the “illegitimate,” “illegal” or “odious” nature of public debt. In other words, how it is necessary for the Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt (CADTM) – formerly known as the Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt – to ally with opposition forces and social movements, where the concepts and the people involved can challenge and overpower debt and its “system” once the government hears their voice.

Greece: Disaster after the capitulation

Touted as the “first-time left,” the new Syriza-led government was portrayed as a “would-be savior” for Greece. It was further hailed as the regime that would reverse the country’s fortunes and stand up to the demands of Greece’s lenders in the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund–the trio collectively known as

Stiglitz’ €-book: Excellent Stuff for Debate

Left critics will have no problem to show that Stiglitz is an ‘ordinary’ neo-keynesian, whose thinking is not that different from mainstream economic theory. He makes no secret of his credo in ‘inclusive capitalism’. When he speaks of full employment, it is in the sense of the NAIRU, which in fact subordinates a social need to a macroeconomic model. He promotes the

Looting Greeks and their Country

The most persistent myth concerning Syriza’s capitulation to the troika is that it was a “forced choice.” To put it differently, “there was no alternative” to signing a third memorandum, given an extremely unfavorable balance of forces at a European and international level. This is the only seemingly rational argument Tsipras and his followers

Creditors destroy Greece, SYRIZA does not resist

Stories of human suffering continue to multiply in present-day Greece, which is loosely governed by the “first time left” government of Syriza and more directly by the European institutions and the International Monetary Fund. In the city of Patra, an elderly woman whose only source of income is her severely battered