A new “Ukraine” in the Balkans?

Moscow is afraid of a new “Ukraine”, in the Balkans this time, in the form of a “colour revolution” in the Former Yugolsav Republic of Macedonia, Huffington Post Greece is writing, citing a declaration of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


In the same time, according to reports in the Greek press, Victoria Nuland is pressing hard the Tsipras government in Athens to change the standard Greek position on the name under which FYROM can be accepted to NATO, EU and UN.

Greece and the EU are refusing to recognize FYROM as “Republic of Macedonia”, because of the Greek fear that, under this name, are hidden territorial claims upon Greek Macedonia. In the modern times Macedonia has been a wider area, which is now divided between Greece, FYROM, Bulgaria and Albania. The dispute led in 2008 to the refusal of Greece to accept FYROM as member of NATO. Athens is proposing the adoption of a composite name by FYROM, which will reflect the recognition that this state is only part of the historical Macedonia.