Target Greece

The Prime Minister of Slovakia, who is considered a “center-Leftist” politician (words seem to have lost everywhere their meaning, not only in Slovakia) has launched an attack of unprecedented brutality and cynicism against Greece the other day, supporting the transformation of all Greece into a giant “Hot Spot” for refugees (which is also, by the way, tantamount to the abolition of the Greek nation-state). Here is what he said, provoking a diplomatic incident between Athens and Bratislava: “there will be a single hot spot and its name will be Greece” and added “We have come to the time when Greece is likely to be sacrificed for the good of the EU”.

One way to interpret such an outburst of anger is to attribute it to his political needs before the elections. But no political need can explain why the Slovak Foreign Minister, along with his Hungarian counterpart, have gone public some days ago, supporting NATO’s enlargement in the Balkans and even Georgia.

This position adopted by both Slovaks and Hungarians, provide us a key to understand what kind of international forces are using now, from behind the scenes, the refugee crisis and probably influence in a decisive way Eastern European powers, in “final analysis” . About the coming general elections in Slovakia here follows a quite informative article: