Turkey: Is another coup in the cards?

The same forces which “predicted” and encouraged the July coup in Turkey are again in action. Michael Rubin, a neoconservative activist, connected in the past with Turkish Kemalists, has posted an article in the website of the ultra-hawkish American Enterprise Institute titles “Is a new coup in the cards in Turkey”. This article was reproduced by Newsweek.

Michael Rubin asks, Is another coup in Turkey in the cards?

The first article was “completed”, so to say, with a second exploring the possibility of the Kurdish PKK winning over Turkey (and indirectly portraying Erdogan as a liability for Turkish national interests)


But Rubin’s “prophecies” may not ne just “prophecies”. They constitute also an indirect, still clear threat. Rubin and the AEI are anything but innocent observers. The same author has already written about the possibility of a coup in Turkey in March 2016, encouraging the Turkish army to go on with it. He was subsequently quoted by a relevant article by Peter Korzun, in May 2016. Finally, the “predicted” coup took place in July 2016!

Turkey: On the Brink of Military Coup?

For a background on forces having “predicted”, if not prepared, the coup of July, you may read

A Coup Foretold (Turkey and the Neocons)

You may also find of interest the following, very relevant comment on Erdogan’s chances by a leading Russian journalist

Turkey: Oncology and Geopolitics

Ιn Ankara, President Erdogan seems to adopt an ultra-nationalist line, invoking the need to pursue “terrorism” outside Turkey before “terrorism” attacks inside Turkey. He is also criticizing a “taboo” in Turkish politics, that is the Treaty of Lauzanne signed by Kemal Ataturk, which used to be the foundation of Turkish foreign policy during the 20th Century and before the advent of Islamists into power. To be exact, it is not the first time a Turkish leader is trying to revive “neo-Ottoman” ideas. It happened before, for instance with the invasion of Cyprus, still it is the first time the legacy of Ataturk is receiving such a frontal blow. It is only normal that those declarations have provoked a wave of anger in Iraq, Syria, Greece and Cyprus, as they put in doubt the existing borders of those countries with Turkey. (In the case of Cyprus, even the existence of its Republic!)

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