An Eloquent Silence: The West does not respond to Turkish accusations

Something very strange is happening. The great majority of the mainstream western media are “under-reporting” the quite monumental events affecting one of the most important NATO allies.

In the same time more and more accusations and more concrete ones are coming out of Turkey about the West supporting the failed coup! Still western media and capitals behave like it is just normal for leaders and officials of a NATO country to accuse the United States of supporting a coup in their country!

It is true that Erdogan is not a popular politician in the West and he is considered rather authoritarian. He made a lot of things to justify this accusation. But the question is they don’t like because he is authoritarian or because he became too “uncontrollable”?

Anyway there is a distance between criticizing a leader (elected by the way) for his authoritarianism and supporting military coups against him. To impose a military dictatorship in Turkey is hardly a way to promote “democracy”, as it was hardly the repeated wars in the Middle East (USA and France have just begun a new one against Libya!)

President Erdogan has again accused the West for its attitude towards his country, just one day after the visit to Turkey of the chief of the US Armed Forces

More accusations are addressed every day to the CIA and US Generals of being behind the coup attempt in Turkey. The last one is here

Meanwhile, the British Ambassador to Ankara is using the old imperial know-how of his country to what seems a damage limitation exercise

And here is what a known Japanese specialist on Turkey had to say about the post-coup situation there