Erdogan, Netanyahu, Putin

For the President of Turkey it seems at least a tactical, but more likely as a strategic retreat. He is obliged to stop his support for Gaza Palestinians in exchange for “normalizing” his relations with Ankara. He will naturally pay a heavy price for his political inconsequence. The rapprochement of Ankara and Tel Aviv will help “curb” some Iranian “ambitions”, believe some Turkish commentators.

Israeli leadership was extremely anxious after the Russian intervention in Syria, which changed the strategic landscape in the Middle East. But, after all, it was able to get the best out of the situation, exploiting in particular the downing of the Russian military aircraft, which isolated Turkey from Russia and had very serious economic consequences for Turkey. Now Ankara had to apologize to President Putin. Bilateral relation will return to normality, but trust between the two capitals will never be the same.

One still wonders why Ankara has downed the Russian jet and who exactly took this decision. Was Turkey encouraged to do it or not and if yes by whom?

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