Russia-Turkey: Dugin in Ankara

On the eve of the coup in Turkey, the Russian geopolitician and philosopher Alexander Dugin was in Ankara, where he gave a press conference. Among other things he said, he insisted that the same forces want the destruction of both Russia and Turkey and are threatening Turkish sovereingty. He said that President Erdogan understood now the situation and he added that the two countries are now inaugurating a new system of relations, not just restoring old ties, but moving towards a strategic alliance.

Mr. Dugin underlined that the territorial integrity of both Russia and Turkey are now threatened by the same enemies, that is by the hegemonic policy of the USA in the Middle East and by radical Islamism, as a tool of this hegemonic policy. This is why the “most important” now is to elaborate a “common strategy” of Russia and Turkey for the salvation of all the Middle East. But, as he said, “we cannot support the territorial integrity of Turkey and Russia, if we don’t support the territorial integrity of Syria”.

President Erdogan understood already the significance of the provocation with the downing of the Russian jet, Alexander Dugin said, drawing the attention on the fact that America is promoting Chaos and it cannot guarantee even the territorial integrity of its own allies. He went on citing the examples of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Georgia and Ukraine, before concluding that such scenarios are harbored also for Turkey and suggesting a return to the policy of the alliance with Soviet Russia by Kemal Ataturk. The situation now is as critical as in the time of Kemal, he added.

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Mr. Dugin reminded that Americans are ready to create a united Kurdistan which is not in the Russian strategic interest.

Some Russian analysts believe one of the reasons of the failed coup was the perspective of substantial improvement of relations between Turkey and Russia.