Totalitarianism and the Left: Why Kasselakis (Goldman Sachs, US) took over the direct management of SYRIZA

We don’t need (the new leader of SYRIZA) Kasselakis (1) to understand that especially in Greece, but in the global West also, we are in a phase of rapid rise of Totalitarianism, in a mild form for the moment, a “happy Fascism” which may of course at some point, if necessary, take the form of Black Fascism.

The edifice of bourgeois democracy as we have known it since World War II (and in Greece after 1974) is being rapidly dismantled. All structures, parties, media, universities, even the deep state apparatus are being controlled. The personal data of the entire population, under general surveillance, is collected.

The reason for this is one and only one. The bosses of the system know what they are preparing for the people. We have been seeing it for three decades now: wars in Yugoslavia, in the Middle East, in Ukraine. Memoranda in Greece, a demolition of the entire European welfare state in Europe. The surveillance of each person (as revealed by Snowden or Assange) and totalitarianism. War on the climate, so that the profits of the multinationals are not touched.

With such an agenda, they want to eliminate in advance even the slightest potential element of autonomy and independence from any part of the system that might have any influence when the inevitable crises come. They want to decapitate peoples, societies and states so that they will not be able to resist when what they are preparing comes.

(1) A completely unknown hitherto ex-trader of Goldman Sachs has been “elected” as President of SYRIZA. For mote on that subject you may look here:,,

Excerpt from an article by Dimitris Kosntantakopoulos on the change in the leadership of SYRIZA (Κουμουνδούρου: Από την τραγωδία στην παρωδία | ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΑΚΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ = Koumoundourou : From tragedy to parody)