The “bipartisan” capture of Greece

By Dimitris Skarpalezos*
September 18, 2023

With the Ukrainian crisis, the US entered a phase of extreme escalation of its aggressive policy of encirclement and decisive confrontation with Russia, unseen in many years (at least since 2008, when it pushed Georgia to attack the Russians in Ossetia).

This policy presupposes closer control of the “allies” and, if possible, control of the whole political spectrum as regards the basic elements of US policy.

The goal is to control, as directly as possible, both governments and “opposition” forces, up to the point of leading them to policies obviously harmful to their peoples.

It also requires a takeover of the deep state.

The creation of an army of promising “young leaders” formatted in American elitist universities and American multinationals or various “think tanks” or even set-up NGOs, is one of the main weapons in this onslaught.

Needless to say, the transfer of this “renovation material” is done with the complicity of significant segments of the local oligarchy.

The example of France

In Western Europe, the case of France is a classic example of the successful implementation of these objectives. A “fresh young man”, Macron, an executive of the Rothschild bank, was sent as “new blood”, a “competent technocrat”, to the French “socialist” government; starting from there, he then undertook the formation of a  movement of “renewal” that took over the government and subordinated France’s “deep state” to American multinational “consultants” that put the country’s foreign policy in a trajectory favorable to the goals of the American government, replacing the state apparatus in the strategic planning on many issues.

This was the case when dealing with Covid, as well as with the pension “reform”, where private consultancies and multinationals (often American like Black Rock, McKinsey etc.) substituted state agencies in strategic planning or even in simple technical matters such as the electronic modernization of services.

In order to weaken the reaction of the left, Macron resorted to inexpensive reforms on “individual rights”, such as the acceptance of all the symbolic demands of the “feminist” movement or the LGBT community, while at the same time exercising violence hitherto unseen in France against popular mobilizations such as the one of the Yellow Vests. Finally, he imposed something completely opposite to the French Gaullist tradition, namely the alliance with the United States against Russia, even if it was damaging basic French interests!

 From Mitsotakis to Kasselakis

Such “promising” young people are in the process of being imposed to Greece also.

A scion formed in the American mould, Mitsotakis, came to occupy the leadership of the traditional right, implementing a similar policy at home and a more openly pro-American policy than any previous government since the fall of the Greek dictatorship.

The absolute mobilization of Greece in the Ukrainian war, to an unprecedented degree, was one of the achievements of this “renewal” of the political personnel.

Today, with a masterful strategy of manipulation where the left has been led to become a champion of self-defeat, the same risks to happen to Syriza with the onslaught of a new and beautiful “young leader” who came to us from nowhere. Or rather from the Goldman Sachs bank and the pro-war conservative American ‘think tank’ CSIS. His name: Kasselakis. (It should be remembered at this point that Mitsotakis’ own daughter also works at the infamous Goldman Sachs ( a bank that has played a critical role in the financial war against Greece and in the destruction of our country. (See H Goldman Sachs και ο ρόλος της στην ελληνική κρίση | ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΑΚΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ).

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If Kasselakis is elected president of Syriza, a key objective of the ruling class (i.e. the top financial and multinational “class” of the West, with the American part of the West as its leading core) will have been achieved as far as Greece is concerned: namely a “two-party system” close to the American model and a control of Greece with parallel control of both the government and the opposition; the creation of a rigged political scene where they will play a rigged game of “confrontation” on everything that does not affect stronger interests, local or foreign, and “assumed obligations”, while obeying to all the basic demands of the US, even to the point of weakening the defense of our islands in order to send weapons much needed here to the dead-end Ukrainian bloody conflict without protest; in sum, the objective of our alignment with all their demands.  

Whatever we may think about the deadlocks of Syriza to date, avoiding the onslaught of this dual occupation of our country in the guise of “pluralism” is as much a duty to defend basic popular interests as it is a patriotic duty to avoid the total subjugation of our homeland. 

Translated from Greek

* Member of SYRIZA, fr. Professor of Mathematics, University of Paris – 7

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