Monday, 24 June , 2024

Dear Friends and Readers,

The Delphi Initiative and its website, Defend Democracy Press, are not a profit-oriented or profit-making organization. This site is run by a very small group of people, working on a voluntary basis, often exceeding their subjective capacities and without any external support, funding, or sponsorship.

We do this because we want to do it and because real news and critical analysis is now, more than ever, vitally important if a person is to understand the world, think critically and resist the confusion and the dictatorship of impressions, the key weapons of an ascending totalitarian empire. We need real news and critical analysis to protect our capacity for critical thinking, the foundation of our freedom/liberty.

If you read us you probably need us. But we too need you. This site is not sustainable at its present level of quality without your help, including your financial contribution. Moreover, it is impossible, at the present level of very minimal resources we have at our disposal, further to develop the quality of our work and widen the fields we try to cover. We don’t want to address ourselves to people who could probably help us acquire the minimum of resources we need to go on, because we don’t want to curtail our editorial autonomy in exchange. If you think this site is useful for you and for people like you, then please act accordingly: help us to continue providing you with critical information.

Permit us, at this point, to remind you that, if you read us often, you know that Greece is a continuing tragedy, not the success story they tell you. You are among the very few people who know that a second member of the EU after Greece, the Republic of Cyprus, is now also a candidate for transformation into a formal protectorate. You also knew that Neocons were preparing a coup in Turkey three months before it actually happened!

At our site you were also able to read some serious warnings about the real intentions of forces behind Trump (and Le Pen) at a time of huge illusions about them. In April 2017, as the US bombed Syria and threatened Russia and North Korea, we warned that nuclear war is again on the world agenda – something almost nobody believed at that time, but now more and more are beginning to recognize, without unfortunately reacting as yet in a way commensurate with the seriousness of the threat to the whole world. We are very proud, but not at all happy, about the confirmation of our analysis and predictions.

We tried, as much as we could, to make sense out of the often chaotic events unfolding in the Middle East. We have not refrained, as so many others have, from indicating and analyzing the significant role that Netanyahu’s Israel and its various lobbies play inside the most extremist imperial forces.  Some of us are of Jewish origin; all of us are deeply and sincerely friends of the Jewish people. We consider ourselves better friends than the ones bought by fear or money. To criticize Israeli policies when such criticism is imperative, also means helping Israelis to avoid the potentially catastrophic results of the reckless strategy of their leaders.

We did all this not because we are smarter than others or we have more means at our disposal, but because we are more independent and, we believe, critically-minded.

We have also tried to provide you as much as possible with alternative views,  as we did with the Brexit debate for instance, because we believe that truth lies in contradiction – as Jean Jaurès, and before him the ancient Greeks, put it. Our aim is also to be able to use this site  to establish a broad dialogue between people who are converging, even if from different paths, on the same humanistic and democratic aims.

If you share some of those aims and ideas, if you think and feel that a site like Defend Democracy Press is useful for you and for others like you, then please help this site to survive and expand. Only you can do it! And, of course, be sure that whatever financial contribution you make will go exclusively for the purposes and aims of the Delphi Initiative. People who want to make money do not usually launch sites like this one!

The more you want to read us, the more you can help us

Defend Democracy Press