Americans and Goldman Sachs kidnap SYRIZA with the help of Alexis Tsipras!

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

In January 2022, the President of the Greek SYRIZA party, Alexis Tsipras, put forward a proposal for a new way of electing its president, which was accepted. Any resident over the age of 15 can vote for the President by registering as a party member on the same day of the vote, which will now be 19 September, by paying a 2 euro fee.

This means that practically anyone, including people who have nothing to do with the Left, can vote for the leader and impose him on the body of real and active Syriza members.

This is a ridiculous and deeply undemocratic electoral process, exported by the Americans to European left-wing parties to make their leaderships independent of their base and dependent on the media, i.e. the financial oligarchy that controls them. It is in fact the abolition of any internal party democracy, since the forces of capital gain a great deal of influence in parties set up to at least limit it.

In Greece it was applied by PASOK and New Democracy, but there was not much controversy at the time, as the candidate leaders of these parties were recognised cadres of them.

With Syriza things are different. Since Tsipras’ resignation, four SYRIZA leading cadres are running as presidential candidates. Suddenly, however, a fifth candidate, Stefanos Kasselakis, has been added. Kasselakis has never been active with SYRIZA in the past, has no connection to the Left and its ideas, worked at Goldman Sachs bank, that played a key role in the economic and social disaster of Greece, and cooperated with the American think tank CSIS, one of the most warmongering and widely funded by the American war industries.

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Despite the advanced degeneration of the Greek ‘radical left’, Kasselakis’ links with the US have come as a shock to a large section of the Left. As one Syriza veteran told me: ‘Until a few years ago we had, all left-wing parties, security departments to protect us from the secret services. Now we will invite the CIA, Mossad and the Intelligence Service to find us leaders and executives.’

Kasselakis has run an extremely costly and apolitical campaign that so far seems to be strongly appealing to Greek right-wing and homosexual supporters: according to the polls, he will come in first or second place, probably causing a split in SYRIZA, since he is not accepted by the majority of the party’s cadre.

Kasselakis has hardly taken a position on any major political problem in Greece, except for his own homosexuality, which he has duly promoted, while he and his partner are considering renting a woman to bear them child.

Apparently he considers the renting of a woman’s body and soul for nine months, exploiting the woman’s economic need and his own wealth as some kind of humanitarian, democratic or even socialist idea.

His other concrete idea is the creation of a fully professional army, an idea clearly opposite to the foundations of a democratic state. Greece does not need a professional army for its defence needs. But such an army is quite adapted to the status of a protectorate, as it is now in reality.

Kasselakis could not have come and appeared as SYRIZA’s presidential candidate without the behind-the-scenes help of Alexis Tsipras, who has developed extremely close relations with the Americans (and Israelis) over many years, hoping that such relations would help him take and stay in power, and help him achieve a presentable compromise with the creditors back in 2015. He failed miserably in all his calculations.

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Tsipras developed also very cosy relations with the US Ambassador in Athens, Jeffrey Pyatt. Before coming to Greece, Pyatt was ambassador to Kiev and played a leading role in the 2014 coup, along with Nuland and the then chief of the CIA Brenner.

By sending Kasselakis to SYRIZA, the Americans and international finance capital are aiming:

– to condition a major Greek party in a way they have not conditioned any other.

– to eradicate any traces of the remaining ‘radicalism’ of the left.

– to replace the hammer and sickle with the rainbow of LGBTQi. The Americans (at least the wing connected with the Democratic Party) want to establish a Left which will not be interested so much in the workers and the popular strata, but much more in the ‘individual rights’ of the middle bourgoisie. It will demonstrate a lot of sympathy for the immigrants, but it will support the NATO campaigns which are demolishing their countries of origin. It will consider as obsolete nationalism even the defence of the most legitimate interests of the nations, thus becoming an ally of globalisation, that is of the world dictatorship of financial capital. By adopting such platforms the Left is directing the popular masses to the Far or Radical Right which, in spite of all it says, it is a pro-system force to the degree that it is not calling into question the economic and social foundations of the system.

– create chaos, a war of identities and great confusion, a situation that portends disasters in Greece in the near future and is the foundation of authoritarianism and totalitarianism. Greece, the motherland of Democracy, is becoming now the space of a new anti-humane experiment, conceived by the most obscure and anti-humane forces of the world Finance.

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