Greek elections: Historic record of abstention

Lower, as expected, was turnout in the second polls held in Greece in June. With 80% of the votes already counted the abstention is at 48.36%.

This is the highest abstention observed in Greek elections since the fall of the military dictatorship in 1974. The percentage of abstention approaches the 50% which was observed at the elections of March 1946, during the beginning of the third phase of the Greek civil war, when the Left had called the voters to abstain.

An abstention of 38.9% was recorded in the May 2023 elections. In the national elections in July 2019 the abstention was 42.22%. In the national elections in September 2015 it reached 43.84%. In January 2015 (when still SYRIZA was campaigning from the liberation of Greece from the bail – out programs) there recorded the largest participation of the decade after reaching 63.94% and abstention at 36.06%.High percentages were also recorded in June 2012 (the beginning of the rise of SYRIZA) after 62.49% of citizens had voted, with abstention being at 37.51%.

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