An ethnic cleansing is an ethnic cleansing, not a mass migration!

By Dimitris Georgopoulos

I am reading some very strange headlines like this one speaking of mass migration: Mass Migration From Nagorno-Karabakh Continues As Breakaway Republic Dissolves| Countercurrents

There is not any “migration” here. It is a horrible crime called “ethnic cleansing”, realized with the very serious threat of repeating the horror of the Armenian genocide!

It is exactly and probably worse than what Kiev wants to do with the populations of Donbass and Crimea.

The Armenians of Nagorno – Karabach are inhabiting their lands for centuries. They have the right to self – determination as all other peoples and nations of the world. (1)

The corrupted, mafiosi – oligarchic Azeri regime, produced by the restoration of capitalism in the former USSR is responsible for a crime against humanity it is committing now.

It is true that atrocities have been committed in the past also from the part of the Armenian nationalism, as it is usually the case in such conflicts. Still, this cannot obscure the predominant fact that Nagorno – Karabach is a land inhabited by an Armenian majority since times immemorial.

This is why we must ask the Azeris to stop and reverse it, create the conditions for the return of Armenians to their lands and find a peaceful solution through negotiations, instead of calling as “migration” the horrible crime of ethnic cleansing by using violence and threat.

The cooperation of the peoples and the nations of the former USSR and also of other countries is the progressive way ahead. The model of such a “multipolar” approach we have seen it with the recent agreements between Syria and the Arab League and between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Today, the barbarian power of Baku thinks it is triumphing. Tomorrow Nemesis will visit it in the form, most probably, of catastrophic wars if imperialist planning, of which is a simple tool, will succeed.

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The other way is the path of war and destruction, towards which Washington and Netanyahu’s Israel (Israel’s Fingerprints Are All Over the Ethnic Cleansing in Nagorno-Karabakh | Defend Democracy Press), the two pillars of modern imperialism,  are pushing the former USSR and the whole world. Capitalism and Imperialism need war and conflict for organic reasons. They cannot exist without them. Divide et Impera is their motto.

The fact that the Erdogan regime has supported this barbarian and criminal act of the Baku regime is also characteristic of the nature of this regime which is simply using the East-West conflict to gain from both sides, but it is not of course a force against Imperialism and really for “multipolarity”. Personally I have supported this regime when they tried to reverse it by the 2016 Neocon coup, hoping also that it could maybe take the direction of a serious and real rupture with Imperialism, combined with internal progressive developments. I must avow it did not go to this direction.

The meeting between Pyatt and Fidan regarding the Turkish – Armenian reconciliation speaks everything about the real game of Ankara.

In the Arab capitals, in Tehran, in Athens and Nicosia, people wont be able to avoid drawing some serious conclusions regarding the real character of the regime in Ankara. It is a pitty for the cooperation in the region and a great help for imperialist projects.

In reality, behind the tragedy of Nagorno – Karabach and Baku’s role, it is difficult not to discern the formation of an ad hoc imperialist “troika”, Turkey – Israel – deep US state, operating in Trancaucasia, in order to create an arrow of Turkish – Western – Israeli influence (and also exclusion of Russia from the region) from Turkey to Caspia and then towards the former Soviet Central Asia, undermining and threatening Russia and, in the long run, China. Such a horizontal imperialist axis will help the attack against Russia from the West αhas also as objective to cut the vertical axis Moscow – Tehran, thus weakening both Russia and Iran, two states which are a huge obstacle to US and Israeli imperialism.

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Turkey is playing both ways, trying to maximize the profits it can get from both the West and its opponents, having always in its mind the rather crazy, obsolete and megalomaniac ideas of a restoration of the Ottoman Empire.

What we see now in Nagorno – Karabach is the continuation of the process launched with the former dissolution of USSR (December 1991) by the Presidents of the three Slavic Soviet Republics, in violation of the then constitutional order of those Republics and the USSR and in violation of the referendum on the USSR realized under Michail Gorbachev. A process paid dearly by the people of the ex-USSR, but also of the whole world.

The fact that the tragedy happens one hundred years after the Armenian genocide, which has been the inspiration for the Nazis’ policies and one hundred years after the proclamation of the Right of Self – Determination of Nations by the Russian Revolution is a horrible reflection of the barbarous, pre-historic state of our world.

Let us hope that on the one hand the rise of the BRICS and the opponents of unipolar Western domination on the planet and on the other the global awareness of peoples will help progress towards a just world order which seems more and more to be the necessary precondition even for the survival of humanity.

(1) The argument regarding the internal frontiers of the Soviet (and also the Yugoslav) Federation does not hold water. The dissolution of the USSR took place in conditions of non respect of legality and in clear violation of the right of nations to self-determination, which is the most fundamental right recognized by the Charter of the United Nations. It happened also in spite of the rejection of the idea of the dissolution of the USSR by a crushing majority of the Soviet voters in the 1991 referendum organized by Gorbachev (including of 70% of Ukrainians).

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By the way, the Soviet constitutional order, which is used as an argument by the partisans of the respect of the “recognized frontiers”, was providing for the right of autonomous republics (like for instance Nagorno-Karabach) to secede from the Republics they were belonging in case the latter opted for separation from the USSR.

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