Wednesday, 20 November , 2019

Central Asia

Greeks Beware of a Silent Operation Mercury II

We publish below an extremely interesting and important article by Phil Butler.. We are not in position to confirm the veracity of the claims contained...

US complain Russians do not let them dominate the Middle East!!!

Russia ‘threatens our ability to dominate’ – US general to Congress 28 Feb, 2018 The US is seeking to contain Iran’s rising influence in the Middle...

Eurasia can find a way to do away with the Dollar

20.03.2017 The most optimistic development on the world stage that I have seen in decades is what's coming out of Eurasia, especially out of China...

Trump, Blackwater and Afghanistan

Will Blackwater Replace the World’s Most Powerful Military to Win Afghan War? By Masud Wadan Established in 1997, the Blackwater private security company was not so...

Russia for withdrawal of US Troops from Afghanistan

U.S. should pull out of Afghanistan: Russian envoy MOSCOW, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. military campaign in Afghanistan has failed and Washington should...

Afghanistan and its region. Α view from Russia

By Tayyab Baloch Moscow has formulated trilateral mechanisms aimed at seeking regional stability through solving the Afghanistan crisis with the help of regional neighboring countries....

Obama extends global reach of US Special Operations death squads

Obama has approved a proposal to give JSOC independent authority to operate outside the regional commands, essentially as a globalized assassination force. JSOC units will bypass the regional commanders and report directly to Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in the Pentagon.


According to some very recent official Syrian sources, last April over 5,000 jihadists entered from the Turkish border, heading for Idlib and Aleppo. They include an undefined – albeit considerable - number of Uyghurs coming from the Chinese Xinjiang. Allegedly the technical and operational support to this new jihad was provided by the Turkish services and special

In Death, Mistaken Prospects

Moving forward after the death of Islam Karimov will be difficult and secret services and diplomats around the world will be involved. Uzbekistan is a crucial country in post-Soviet Central Asia and taking control of it, directly or through a third party, will be a move of highly strategic value.

A “futuristic” comment from Turkey on Uzbekistan

There were only a few days left for the 25th anniversary of the independence of Uzbekistan, but now, concern is more prevalent over Tashkent than celebrations. The latest news on the health condition of Uzbek President Islam Karimov, who was admitted hospital on Aug. 29, is filled with the term “critical.”