Russia-Syria-West: New warnings, threats and confusion

“We are moving into an era that is as dangerous, if not more dangerous, as the cold war”, warned not some pacifist, but the ex-head of British MI6 Sawers himself, adding that “we are not treating Russia and China as major powers that can cause us a great deal of damage. What we really need to do is try to avoid the road which leads to a direct confrontation”.

Maybe somebody is listening. Anyway, British PM May dismissed talk of military action in Syria by her own Secretary of Foreign Affairs, who is calling for a “harder” stance towards Moscow, still he qualifies himself as a “Russophile”. One can imagine what he would propose if he was an enemy of Russia!

Ex-CIA analyst Ray Mc Govern is also warning about the alarming situation as far as it concerns Syria and East-West relations. Russians are not taking for jokes the signals emanating from the West and they are actually preparing for a conflict with the USA

In the same time, there is the regular flow of revelations about Western support for ISIS.

France, which has completely reversed its Gaullist policy towards the Arab world since the election of Nicolas Sarkozy and has played a major role in the destruction of Libya, denounces now Moscow and Assad for the fighting in Aleppo. In the same time is preparing to participate in the bombardment of Mosul, the main Iraqi city controlled by the Islamic State militia, that could force hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to flee. Hollande’s Socialist Party (PS) government has sent the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle to the region and is organizing the intervention of French special forces on Iraqi soil. This week, two French parachutists in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan were wounded by a booby-trapped drone.

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NATO’s military escalation in Syria goes hand in hand with a rapid movement towards auhtoritarianism of the entire French political establishment.

Hollande has seized upon terror attacks in France and Belgium—carried out by the same Islamist networks that are working with NATO intelligence agencies to fight Assad—to impose a state of emergency, first used during France’s war against Algerian independence. The main target of this state of emergency is not so much Islamists, asFrench people trying to protect their social rights.