Mikis Theodorakis on the Geneva Conference (2017)

No to the new Crime! Mikis Theodorakis on Cyprus, Russia and the upcoming War against Iran

July 7, 2017

In an article entitled “No to the new Crime!”, Mikis Theodorakis denounces the “illegal”, as he characterizes it,“International Conference on Cyprus”, being held these days in Geneva.(1)

The composer,  known throughout the world for his struggles for Freedom and a resister himself, against both the Nazi occupation of Greece and the colonels’ junta, characterizes the Geneva Conference as criminal, illegal, contrary to European law and likely to lead to the abolition of the Republic of Cyprus.

For Theodorakis, this illegal Geneva Conference and the abolition of the Republic of Cyprus currently being attempted are part of preparations for a new great war against Iran and, behind that, against Russia. For the purposes of this war it is necessary, he writes, for the West to have full control of Cyprus, Crete and mainland Greece.

Theodorakis deplores the decision of the Greek and Cypriot governments to participate in such a conference, in this way according recognition to the role and positions of third countries on Cyprus. At the same time, in a dramatic personal appeal to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, he calls upon him to reflect on the responsibilities he is undertaking as he is led towards a treacherous action against Cyprus, bringing a national disaster upon the Greek people.

What is the Geneva Conference?

The Geneva Conference, which provoked the anger of a man who is a national symbol for Greece, is formally organized by the UN Secretary General Guterres, but essentially it is the work of  the neocon former Assistant Secretary of State of the United States Victoria Nuland (the architect of the Ukrainian crisis), with the willing assistance, as ever, of the European Commission and its president Juncker and for the purpose of abolishing the democratic system in Cyprus and making the island a colony of the United States, Britain and Israel.

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This was all foreshadowed in the previous draft resolution of the Cyprus problem, the so-called Annan plan, rejected in a referendum in 2004. That plan provided – as now – for full equation of the Greek Cypriot majority (82%) and Turkish Cypriot minority (18%). Because, of course, in all likelihood it would not have been possible to take any decision, provision was made for appointment by the UN Secretary General of foreign officials and judges who would govern the state and even appoint their successors!!!

In view of the international situation and the forces usually operating and influencing the UN Secretary-General, he would necessarily appoint only officials and judges enjoying the confidence of the United States and Britain, and indirectly also of Israel because of the influence that that state has on  American and British diplomacy in the Mediterranean.

The reason that the Geneva Conference is being convened now is the low probability that Cypriot citizens would vote in favour of such a “solution” in a referendum. In essence the Conference is usurping the constituent power of the Cypriot people and transferring it to third countries !!! Because they cannot take the Cypriot state away from its citizens on the basis of their own vote, they are attempting to do so with the signatures of the President of Cyprus and the Greek government.

If such a goal is achieved, if Cyprus will be transformed into a colony of the “Sea Powers”. This would constitute a colossal strategic victory for the American-British-Israeli neoconservative “Empire of Chaos”, which is responsible for the wars that have virtually demolished the Middle East over the last 15 years.

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It will also represent a strategic defeat not only for the Greek people but also, indirectly but clearly, for the most vital interests of Russia in Europe and the Middle East, as well as for the prospect of a democratic and independent Europe.

The EU will be taking another momentous step towards conversion into a totalitarian structure, with the transformation of a second member-state, after Greece, into a protectorate.

Mr. Guterres seems to be coveting the distinction of another Portuguese politician,  Barroso, who through participation in the meeting in the Azores assisted in preparations for the invasion of Iraq. Now Guterres in Geneva is launching preparations for the great war against Syria and Iran.

Three states are participating in the Geneva Conference: Britain, Turkey and Greece. Both Britain and Turkey have waged bloody wars against Cyprus to block its independence. Τhe state whose fate is being decided at this Orwellian Conference, namely the Republic of Cyprus, is not officially represented!  The President of Cyprus is there as the leader of the “Greek Cypriot community” (!), a terminology introduced to Cyprus by British colonialists.

The Cypriot President consented to this conference despite the protests of the Cypriot public. The consent was extracted under intense pressure from Victoria Nuland and against a background of media controversy over his being blackmailed with the case of the Russian oligarch Lebedev, whose affairs were managed by Anastasiades’ law firm and whose fate depends on the American courts and the American government. (2)

As for the government in Athens, financially at the mercy of its creditors since the capitulation of 2015, has handed over all of its foreign and defense policy to the US and Israel, despite Greece’s traditionally strong ties with the Arab world and with Russia.

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