By Mehmet Perinçek

Turkish historian and political scientist, former political prisoner in the case of “Ergenekon” Mehmet Perincek commented an unsuccessful coup attempt in Turkey:

The people who have prepared this putsch are absolutely not Kemalists. This upheaval was purely pro-American. Its core was the Gulen movement, which works for the CIA. Of course, pro-American officers and generals tried to organize a revolution. But it was supported by a minority of the army. They had no chance of success, because the majority has objected to any overturn. Another interesting tidbit: some Russian experts declared that this cataclysm has been planned as a response to Erdogan’s domestic policy, which does not correspond to founding President Ataturk’s principles. That is not accurate. This coup d’état was against Kemalists, and Kemalist officers didn’t participate in any form. Attempts to discredit  Kemalists is in the interests of the CIA and organizers of the upheaval. Thus, they provide cover for Gulen followers and try to rescue pro-American officers.This coup had been planned at the Incirlik Air Base which is used by the American military. On the grounds of this base, the pro-coup generals had twelve conversations with American generals. It is quite clear that America is the puppet master of the putsch. Another remarkable fact is that two pilots, who had brought down the Russian SU-24, also participated in the coups d’état. This coup was a reaction to the increasing likelihood of a rapprochement between Russia and Turkey. Also, the Turkish diplomatic overtures towards Syria, the Caucasus, and the Middle East have caused panic within the US establishment.

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The coup was not supported by the majority of military and civilians in the country. This is because it was not just against the president, but against the sovereignty of the country and its independent policy. Therefore, all Kemalists and all of the public have opposed this coup.
As for the capacity of the Turkish military, all of these events will have a positive effect. The army will be released from pro-Atlantic elements, who have insensibly inhibited our struggle with terrorists. Besides this, the course towards rapprochement with Russia will now accelerate, and the whole foreign policy of Turkey will begin to change much more quickly.