Greek – Turkish crisis escalates. Closer to military conflict

Diplomatic sources refute reports of NATO-brokered talks between Greece, Turkey

Sept. 3, 2020
Diplomatic sources on Thursday refuted reports of NATO-brokered talks between Greece and Turkey to defuse tension in the Eastern Mediterranean.
“We take into account [ Secretary-General Jens] Stoltenber’s intention to work to establish de-escalation mechanisms within NATO,” the sources said.
“However, de-escalation can only be achieved with the immediate withdrawal of all Turkish ships from the Greek continental shelf,” the sources said.

Merkel, Erdogan discuss East Med

Sept. 3, 2020
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday that support given by some countries for Greece’s “selfish and unjust stance” in the eastern Mediterranean was unacceptable, Erdogan’s office said.
Ankara and Athens have been locked in a bitter dispute over claims to potential hydrocarbon resources in the region, based on conflicting views on the extent of their continental shelves. The two leaders spoke by video conference, the statement said.

Turkey dismisses claims in Die Welt report as ‘product of imagination’

Sept. 3, 2020
The Turkish Foreign Ministry on Wednesday denied a German media report indicating that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had sought to sink a Greek ship, saying the claim was a “product of imagination.”
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said the claims that appeared on Tuesday in an article in Die Welt are “made up,” Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

US ‘wishes to damage’ Russia-Cyprus ties

3rd September 2020
Russia is shocked by US claims about its destabilising role in the region, arguing Washington seeks to harm close relations between Moscow and Nicosia, said Russian ambassador Stanislav Osadchiy.
In a comment on social media, Osadchiy said: “We were quite surprised by the statement of the US Ambassador in Cyprus Judith G. Garber on September 2 about the destabilizing role that Russia allegedly plays in the region, particularly in Syria”.

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Greeks from Symi and Turks from Datca swim together for Peace

September 2, 2020
“We are not on the side of war” Mayor of the Turkish coastal town of Datca Gursel Ucar said while he unfurled a peace banner with swimmers who have partnership with swimmers from Greek island of Symi.
“September 1 is World Peace Day Swim” the Datca Municipality posted on a tweet.

Retired Turkish Admiral says it will take Turkey only two days to capture French flagship and Greek islands

A retired Turkish Admiral accused Greece of seeking to “get its hands on” sea areas “belonging” to Turkey and said for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to give Greece a two day warning before invading its Eastern Aegean Islands.
“We can capture the French aircraft carrier in two days,” retired Turkish Admiral Deniz Kutluk said to the Erdoğan government, adding that Ankara needs to issue an “ultimatum” to Greece for the immediate disarmament of 16 Aegean islands, threatening military intervention and occupation if this is not done.

International consequences of a Greek – Turkish war. A way to avert it

by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
Aug. 24, 2020
In a previous article we examined the methods third forces may use to provoke a Greek – Turkish military conflict and we explained why such a conflict, if unchecked, has the potential of developing into a disaster for both countries.
We have many indications that there are indeed third forces trying to fuel the conflict, but it is difficult of course to have proofs. This is why we will follow the opposite method. We will try to investigate who will “profit from the crime”, that is by the main international consequences of a Greek-Turkish conflict. By analyzing what can be the results of a full Greek – Turkish war, we can get an idea of the probability international power centers are trying to provoke such a war from behind the scenes.