Greece battles deadly wildfires near Athens and on Evia island

Aug 6, 2021

Greece carried out mass evacuations overnight in the northern suburbs of Athens and on the nearby island of Evia as wind whipped up huge wildfires.

Thousands left their homes near the Greek capital, which is cloaked in acrid smoke, and 600 fled Evia by boat.

On Friday, a man was killed by a falling electricity pylon near Athens, health officials said.

Firefighters from France, Switzerland, Sweden, Cyprus and Romania have been deployed to assist Greece.

Gale-force winds are forecast to fan the many blazes.

Residents of Marathon, north-east of Athens, were told to head to the coast on Friday as wildfires spread along several fronts.

Dozens of homes have been destroyed or damaged, and several dozen injured people are in hospital.

“If some people still doubt if climate change is real, let them come and see the intensity of phenomena here,” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said.

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