Eight dead as wildfires sweep Turkey, Greece and Italy – forcing beach resort and village evacuations

Fires are common in southern Turkey during the hot summer but experts have said this year’s are much bigger than usual.

Aug. 2, 2021

Wildfires are continuing to rage in Turkey, Greece, and Italy, with entire villages and beaches being evacuated.

Coastal areas are among the worst-affected, with fires blazing for a fifth day in some of Turkey’s Mediterranean resort towns.

Residents and tourists were rescued by small boats during the weekend, as the coastguard and navy ships waited further out to sea in case a larger-scale evacuation was needed.

Allyson, who has been living in the Mediterranean resort of Marmaris for 15 years, said of the fires: “Something is different because I’ve never seen this before.

“We had little fires before but I’ve never seen this devastation.

“And it is not just here – it is everywhere.”

There are more than 120 fires in Turkey alone, with eight people confirmed dead and 27 more being treated in hospital.

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