Greece: Fires everywhere!

Dramatic forest fires in Rovies, Evia; big blaze nears Ancient Olympia (videos)

Aug. 4, 2021
Forest fires Greece: Locals and tourists in Rovies, Evia were urged to rush to the sea on Wednesday afternoon as the big fire front was heading to the village. Hardly had dozens of people reached the beach to be transferred to safety with coast guard vessels and the blames started to swallow one after the other the houses of the village in central Evia.
Two videos below shot by rescued on a fishing boat.
Rovies was only one of the 13 villages in Evia that have been evacuated since Tuesday evening when the forest fire broke out.
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Greece Grapples with Massive Forest Fires, Evacuations

Aug. 4, 2021
ATHENS – Greek firefighters on Wednesday grappled with fires razing swathes of forest land on the outskirts of Athens, forcing thousands of residents to evacuate and killing animals from tortoises to horses.
The inferno has scorched the slopes of Parnitha, which includes a protected nature reserve, just north of Athens.
It started in a wooden ravine and is the most devastating of the approximately 80 wildfires that have broken out across the country in recent days, including on the island of Rhodes, as temperatures topped 45 degrees Celsius, the hottest day recorded in the region in four decades.
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Fire Rages Near Ancient Olympia in Greece; Residents Evacuated

A|ug 4, 2021
A large fire broke out in the region surrounding Ancient Olympia in the Peloponnese, Greece on Wednesday. Residents in five of the surrounding areas have been evacuated.
The villages of Herakleia, Pournari, Pelopio, Platanos, and Kafkania have all been evacuated due to the blaze.
A total of 46 firefighters are currently on the scene, assisted by four planes dropping water from above. They are fighting to keep the flames from spreading toward residences and the ancient site, which was the home of the Olympic Games in antiquity.
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