Erdogan is playing with fire. He will provoke a catastrophic war at the end

“We are at a war without bullets” says Greece, as Turkey weaponizes migrants

March 8, 2020
“We are being attacked by Turkey with migrants as a tool. We are in a war without bullets,” Deputy Defense Minister also in charge of Migration, Alkiviadis Stefanis said on Sunday. “Our national security is threatened,” he added.
Speaking to Open TV, Stefanis estimated that Turkey will increase pressure at the borders in Evros, “because Erdogan’s plan does not go according to plan.”
“We are ready to deal with all the pressure ” he stressed.
Asked about the possibility of a provocation or accident [that might push the two countries to the edges], Stefanis said “nothing scares us. We evaluate every action without excluding the possibility of a provocation or an accident. We will deal with Turkish provocations with calmness.”

Turkey provokes: Turkish CG tries to ram Greek vessel, mass tear gas use in Evros against Greek police

March 6, 2020
With all means available Ankara escalates tensions with Greece.
In the videos available to the Greek authorities it is evident that a large number of tear gas grenades were fired from the Turkish side against the Greek soldiers and security forces.
Other videos also show Turkish policemen in a well-organized and well-equipped way firing chemicals on the Greek side while small fires can be seen in Kastanies.
However, the Turkish Coast Guard took part in the provocation, by harassing a Hellenic Coast Guard vessel in Lesvos with an apparent risk of collision.

Video shows Turkish vehicle pulling down border fence

March 8, 2020
A video released by the Greek government Saturday evening apparently shows a Turkish vehicle puling down, with the help of a rope, a section of the fence erected by Greece on its border with Turkey.
The video, shot Friday night, was accompanied by the following statement:
“Video depicting a Turkish armored border surveillance vehicle which tries to pull down part of the border fence with a rope. This incident occurred last night. This is a HIZAR/ATES vehicle, which is equipped with instruments that allow it to monitor the border (day and night). Turkey obtained these vehicles from May to August 2019, with 75% of the programme financed by European funds. It has a powerful engine and climbing capabilities.”

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