PYD: Turkey is sending criminals to the Greek border

Syrian Kurds have issued today a declaration claiming that Turkey has included mob elements from Syria into the immigrants that move to Turkey’s border with Greece. The  PLA General Assembly Member Ehmed Sexo said they he repeatedly warned against this situation, but Europeans remain silent. on Turkey’s European policy interests.

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) Councilor Ehmed Sexo has added: “The gangs fighting in Idlib today were trained by the Turkish state. We recently uncovered the Turkish state’s support for ISIS. The international coalition refused to use the Incirlik base while fighting against ISIS. Today, El Nusra (Delegation Tahrir) We see that the gangs of Al Shams are supported “.

Sexo said that Turkey is not interested in supporting the refugees, but in using refugees to impose its demands on EU and make EU countries “support terrorist groups in Idlib.”

Şêxo said that the revolution in Syria turned into an armed struggle with the intervention of the Turkish state and he underlined that Kurds have repeatedly warned Europe about the use of refugees by the Turkish state, Şêxo said, “In many meetings, Erdogan can be serious about the threats he makes about refugees. He said that European society is aware of the plans of the Turkish state but is silent for their interests.”


Evaluating the fact that Turkish state opened its border gates to refugees, Şêxo said that all refugees based on the Greek border are not Syrians and that refugees from various countries of Africa and Asia were sent to the Greek border. Expressing the fact that Erdogan has sent messages to Europe, Şêxo said, “Erdogan is sending the refugees to Europe and tomorrow he can send refugees”

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