Turkish jets conduct record of 91 Greek air space violations on a single day

January 15, 2020

91 violations of Greek air space, 27 flights over Greek islands, 6 dog fights with Greek fighter jets. In its effort to confirm its claims in the Aegean Sea, Turkish aircraft broke an all time record on Tuesday, January 14, 2020.

And for the first time after a long time, the Turkish jets flew also over a large inhabitant island, Leros.

The Turkish F-16 reportedly flew at a height of just 3,600 meters over the islands.

From the 91 Athens FIR violations, 27 were overflights over the island Panagia, Oinousses, Agathonisi, Lipsi, Leros and Kalolimnos. island in the north-eastern, central and south-eastern Aegean Sea.

A total of 20 Turkish aircraft, that is 15 fighter jets F-16, 1 AFNS CN-235 electronic warfare aircraft and 4 helicopters conducted the violations.

86 violations were conducted by the F-16, 3 by the CN-235 and 2 by the helicopters.

The Turkish aircraft also committed 16 violations of air traffic rules at the FIR Athens.

Ten Turkish fighter jets were armed.

In six cases the Turkish jets were engaged in so-called “dog fights” with Greek fighter jets.

All aircraft were intercepted the Greek Armed Forces said.

Turkish aircraft continued air space violations also on Wednesday.

PS In a couple of years, we will have purchase a fleet of 24 F-35 and Turkey won’t dare to violate anything Greece anymore…

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