Trump threatens China (and appoints two Secretaries of State)

A much clearer picture of Mr. Trump’s intentions is gradually taking shape.

The President-elect has already put into doubt one of the cornerstones of US world policy and the precondition for peace in the Pacific, the one-China policy.

Donald Trump questions ‘one China’ policy

The President-elect has appointed the Exxon chief as Secretary of State, in an obvious mission to reestablish ties with Russia, if not establishing an alliance with Moscow against Islam in the short-run, against China in the long-run. But in the same time, John Bolton of the neocon “state-inside-the-state”, directly responsible for the demolition of half Arab states and the wars in Georgia and Ukraine, is appointed as “everyday Secretary of State”!

Trump Picks Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson As Secretary Of State

An article published in is trying to investigate what the Generals appointed by Trump means

A Trump junta? – World Socialist Web Site

Alex Jones believes that the CIA is going to kill Trump. Nobody can be sure about CIA. The problem with Jones is that hardly anybody can share his appreciation of Trump as a “revolutionary”, especially in the light of the President elect appointing  Goldman Sachs, Rotchilds and Exxon in his cabinet to run directly the United States of America

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