Sunday, 27 May , 2018


Creating Confusion to facilitate War: Trump Threatens Korea, Newsweek says China...

Escalating Military Drills Mean China Is Preparing to Strike Taiwan, Experts Say By Christina Zhao A military expert claimed on Monday that recent increases in...

Taiwan: Ignorance, Danger Of War And A High School Nazi Parade

The West may be trying to provoke China (which sees Taiwan as its renegade province), into a deadly war. There are sparks flying between Washington, Beijing and Taipei. The anti-Chinese coalition forged by the West (mainly the US, Australia, Europe, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Philippines and Vietnam) is beginning to show serious cracks, after President Duterte of the Philippines began threatening to end all military cooperation between Washington and Manila, and while Vietnam has reshuffled its leadership at the beginning of 2016, sacking its pro-market and pro-US Prime Minister. But all this is rarely discussed in Taipei and other cities and towns of Taiwan.

Trump threatens China (and appoints two Secretaries of State)

Alex Jones believes that the CIA is going to kill Trump. Nobody can be sure about CIA. The problem with Jones is that hardly anybody can share his appreciation of Trump as a "revolutionary", especially in the light of the President elect appointing Goldman Sachs, Rotchilds and Exxon in his cabinet to run directly the United States of America

The Coming War on China

I have spent two years making a documentary film, The Coming War on China, in which the evidence and witnesses warn that nuclear war is no longer a shadow, but a contingency. The greatest build-up of American-led military forces since the Second World War is well under way. They are in the northern hemisphere, on the western borders of Russia, and in Asia and the Pacific, confronting China.