The progress of this storm

Nature and society in a warming world

by Ian Angus
Feb 22, 2018

Ian Angus argues that Andreas Malm’s powerful critique of current environmental philosophies puts historical materialism and cutting-edge science at the center of a call for militant action. Also see a supplement to this review by reader of Climate & Capitalism: “New Materialism: Idealism of the Most Useless Sort.”

Anyone who reads contemporary green literature has seen books with titles like The End of Nature, and statements such as these:

  • “There is no such thing as nature.”1
  • “Nature is nothing if it is not social.”2
  • “Many of us no longer believe in a Nature that is independent of the Anthropos.”3
  • “There is nothing in our environment that we have not, in some sense or other, had a hand in producing.”4
  • “In every respect the world we inhabit will henceforth be the world we have made.”5
  • “The contrast between what is nature and what is not no longer makes any sense.”6