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Chávez on self-management: the policy he did not have the time...

First Published on April 2,2016 Introduction On October 7th, 2012, after hearing of his victory as the nation‘s candidate with 56 percent of the vote, President...

45% of Young Americans Want Socialism | 30% of Young French...


The silence of the pseudo-left on the danger of war

By Eric London A wide range of nominally left-wing political groups and publications have acquiesced to a series of dangerous military actions by the...

Power, Socialism and Bureaucracy (a classic text)

The opposition will always retain as one of its merits, as against the party, a merit which nothing can remove, the fact that it has, in good time, sounded the alarm on the terrible decline of the spirit of activity of the working classes, and on their increasing indifference towards the destiny of the dictatorship of the proletariat and of the Soviet state.

Fidel’s Last Speech

Fidel Castro’s last major public appearance was on April 19, 2016, at the seventh Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba. Known throughout his career for giving marathon speeches, some lasting upwards of 6-8 hours, Fidel’s final public speech was notably short, yet as defiant and hopeful as ever.

Socialism and Trumpism

Ιt’s Wednesday, November 9, and Hillary Clinton has defeated Donald Trump. Media commentators and political observers are celebrating the triumph of rationality, but a nagging question looms: In the battle between Clinton and Trump, who would have won if Trump had followed the wisdom of his staff and reined himself in a bit rather than stumbling

Le testament de Maurice Allais

C’était le seul prix Nobel d’économie français. Né le 31 mai 1911, il part aux États-Unis dès sa sortie (major X31) de Polytechnique en 1933 pour étudier in situ la Grande Dépression qui a suivi la Crise de 1929. Ironie de l’histoire, il a ainsi pu réaliser une sorte de “jonction” entre les deux Crises majeures du siècle. Son analyse, percutante et dérangeante, n’a malheureusement pas été entendue faute de relais.

The silence of political liberalism – Regina Kreide

The beautiful, peaceful world in which we have arranged our lives so comfortably is showing its repressed, violent side. Yet established political theory is silent – perplexed, incredulous, and helpless – in the face of these problems. Is this because the circumstances are beyond explanation? Or is there a problem with political theory itself? What has happened to the discipline that claims to be able to tell us about the legitimacy of political systems? To paraphrase Kant, is it dreaming the sweet dream of perpetual peace? In the following, I develop three theses in order to explain this silence. Before doing so, however, I will offer a brief sketch of recent key developments in political theory.

Samir Amin: How to Defeat the Collective Imperialism of the Triad

I can sum my point of view on the situation over the modern economy in the following way. We have been in a long systemic crisis of capitalism, which has started in 1975 with the end of the convertibility of the Dollar in gold. It is not a like the famous financial crisis in 2008. No, it is a long systematic crisis of monopoly capitalism which started forty years ago and it

Nothing revolutionary about Sanders’ “Our Revolution”

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders launched the successor organization to his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination with the rollout August 24 of “Our Revolution.” Despite the pretentious name and the slick video introduction on the group’s web site, there is nothing revolutionary about Our Revolution.