Sahra Wagenknecht for dissolving NATO

The parliamentary leader of Germany’s largest opposition party, the Leftist Linke, has urged the dissolution of the NATO alliance.

Sahra Wagenknecht on Tuesday asked for dissolving the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

“NATO must be dissolved and replaced by a collective security system including Russia,” Wagenknecht told Germany’s “Funke” media group.

Wagenknecht, who leads the Left Party in parliament, added that comments made by the future US president “mercilessly reveal the mistakes and failures of the [German] federal government.”

Germany’s Left Party has previously called for warmer ties with Russia and scrapping the security alliance.

By the way, one way to understand how the media system works now, is to read the way Deutsche Welle reported this piece of information in English, making a collage of the German Leftist politician’s statements and of Trump’s declarations, and trying somehow to create the impression that she is a kind of supporter of Trumps ideas.


President Trump has never called for the abolition of NATO. He wants the allies of the US inside NATO to increase military spending, probably more US weapons. This will have, as a result, not the weakening, but the strengthening of both NATO and of US control over it.
No US President in the forreseable future will dissolve NATO. What has already happened is that we already live in an Orwellian world.