Russia must remain alert

By F. William Engdahl

First of all, I don’t think that President Putin is foolish enough to believe the rhetoric.

He is a serious political person and has been through too many lies and deceptions from Washington in many different forms to be naive about some nice sunny words, even if  the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg starts purveying friendly sounds about Russia after Trump’s election.

Of course, it is intelligent for Russia to gain as much advantage from this apparently friendly period of Trump’s presidency as possible. Perhaps it is reasonable to ask for taking US and NATO troops away from the borders of Russia and Belarus. They will do that, I have no doubt.

But I think it is very important that Russian leaders have in mind the ultimate agenda of this patriarchy in the United States that is one of war, and Donald Trump’s mission is to prepare United States for that war and to win. And that is no nice prospect. Russia should not in the slightest instant forget that threat.

Take advantage of this time, build the Russian economy as you have been doing, show the door to the neoliberal economists, take them out of the ministries, and put genuine Russians who want to do good for the Russian economy in those positions.

The Central Bank of Russia needs to be renationalized. That’s an urgent priority for Russia’s economy. The reason I think it hasn’t been done so far is that the political power of those American-linked oligarchs up until now has been strong enough to make it very difficult for Russia to clean up house. I think we are already going in that direction.

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The development of indigenous Russian non-GMO agriculture needs to go forward regardless of what the EU does with their sanctions. Russia needs to prohibit the import of food from the European Union.

Also, Russia should leave the World Trade Organization. This organization was created by Washington in the interests of American and European multinationalism and not in the interests of free and fair trade.

Russia should free itself from undesirable NGOs as it has been doing – and watch the anger of Washington who use those NGOs to do so-called “democracy projects”.

Thus, take the advantage that you can from this deception, but do not be deceived that Donald Trump’s America is in any sense a true friend of Russia.

People in Washington still care about the interests of the American hegemony and that’s it.

Let’s see what happens in six months under Trump’s presidency, see who the nominee for the Secretary of State becomes, see who will take the other key positions, and what their policies really are.

I would wish that there will be a genuine revolution in America, that Donald Trump could be a president with moral values, concern for the people of the United States, and with an advanced agenda to nationalize the six criminal banking institutions of Wall Street  and bring their directors and their CEOs before the court to face penalty for the crimes that they have committed over recent decades. I hope that he would restore regulation of those mega banks that are destroying America and the world. They’ve corrupted the major banks of Europe over the last decades. The biggest bank of Germany is already bankrupted, the same thing with major banks of Italy, Greece, and France.

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The rebuilding of American infrastructure could be done with bonds and the creation of jobs that could repay the public debt that those bonds tail and profit to the U.S. Budget.

Let’s see what will happen. Soon we’ll find out if this is a true American Revolution or not.