US Military Industrial Complex using Trump to make possible a Limited Nuclear War

The Coming Nuclear Freak Out

As if the temperature of America’s political discourse wasn’t hot enough, it may be about to reach critical mass.

CQ Roll Call reporter John Donnelly revealed on Thursday that the Pentagon is urging the Trump administration to consider a review of its nuclear arsenal and force posture so as to make the United States more capable of prosecuting a “limited” nuclear war.

The Defense Science Board, in an unpublished December report obtained by CQ, urges the president to consider altering existing and planned U.S. armaments to achieve a greater number of lower-yield weapons that could provide a “tailored nuclear option for limited use.”

The notion that a limited nuclear exchange with another atomic power can be controlled is more than a little theoretical, but preparing for a modest nuclear volley is not radical. As CQ noted, more than a third of America’s existing nuclear arsenal is considered “low-yield” and, therefore, tactical. Furthermore, America’s nuclear weapons experts have been advocating strenuously for nuclear forces and posture review for some time. The clock is ticking.


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