Putin warns Netanyahu

In sharp exchange, Putin warns Netanyahu to stand down on Syria, hears Israel will stop Iran

Apr 12, 2018

DEBKAfile reports exclusively that the Russian president and Israeli prime minister were at angry cross-purposes in their phone conversation on Wednesday, April 11.  Vladimir Putin warned Binyamin Netanyahu to discontinue Israeli strikes in Syria because they may rock the Assad regime [backed by Moscow] and insisted on Israel respecting Syrian sovereignty and security. By this warning, Russia clamped down on the freedom the Israeli air force had hitherto enjoyed in Syrian air space for striking hostile elements, primarily Iran and Hizballah.

Netanyahu shot back, according to our sources, that Israel cannot possibly desist from action over Syria, since this would leave Iran at liberty to establish a permanent, hostile military presence in that country. And so, said the prime minister, Israel would have to persevere in its efforts to stop this happening. The conversation between Putin and Netanyahu ended in total discord.

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