Oskar Lafontaine resigns from Die Linke

Oskar Lafontaine, a hstoric figure of the German Left has left Die Linke, the party he co-founded in 2007.

“I wanted there to be a left-wing alternative to the politics of social insecurity and inequality on the political spectrum, which is why I co-founded Die Linke. Today’s left has given up that claim” the 78-year-old politician announced on Thursday in Saarbrücken.

According to Lafontaine, the background is “the gradual change in the political profile of the left” from 2015. It has become a party “in which the interests of employees and pensioners and a foreign policy based on international law and peace are no longer the focus”.  

In March 1999, in a dispute with Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, Lafontaine resigned as chairman of the SPD. In 2005 he left the SPD and in 2007 he co-founded Die Linke.

Lafontaine’s resignation is a reflection of the very deep crisis of European “radical left” after the capitulation of SYRIZA in Greece and Corbyn’s defeat, after he put in doubt the result of the British referendum on Brexit.

The crisis of the “radical left” is responsible for the exponential growth of all kinds of Far Right in the Western wortd after 2015.


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