New McCarthyism in the West

White House makes “strategic decision” to wage war on unflattering words about NATO

n all seriousness, the U.S. government may not be far from investigating and charging critics of the world’s mightiest military alliance with treason. Over two years ago the NATO Strategic Communication Centre of Excellence conducted an “experiment” with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, and then denounced the four for permitting “social media manipulation” on their platforms. As President Biden regularly speaks of his “sacred obligation” to NATO’s Article 5 war clause, it isn’t far-fetched to envision him employing the political equivalent of blasphemy laws and canonical courts against those of us warning of the threat posed by the world’s oldest and history’s largest military bloc.


US targets Russian disinformation in bid to defend Ukraine

“We have made a decision – a strategic decision – to call out disinformation when we see it,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during a briefing with reporters on [January 26].


“We will also be prepared to call out disinformation and diversionary tactics Russia may use, including their claims that Ukraine is provoking the conflict and that NATO is to blame for these tensions. We’re, unfortunately, all too familiar with these tactics.”


The decision by President Biden and top officials to lean into naming and shaming Russian disinformation tactics can be traced back to their experiences in 2014 during the Obama administration, where Biden served as vice president

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