NATO Tells Europe: “Prepare for a Russian invasion”. Who Are the Most Dangerous Russians in the World Today?

By Marcus Godwyn
Global Research, November 13

As western media and politicians relentlessly continue to spew forth warnings to their hapless populations about the ever present and growing “Russian threat”, only today: 12-11-2017 NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has told Europe to “Prepare for a Russian invasion”. Let us take a moment to analyse just who exactly among the hundred and fifty million odd Russians in the world actually constitute a threat to “the West”, to anywhere else or indeed, to other Russians.

For the rest of this article, I will use the term “the West” to define the rulers, as well as the public faces (politicians, journalists etc) of North America, the rest of the Anglo Saxon world and western and northern Europe i.e. the geopolitical alliance whose leaders have once again declared war on the Russian world.

So who are the most dangerous Russians in the world today? Are they, as the west so desperately needs you to believe, the Russian government and its president Vladimir Putin?

A resounding NO is the only possible answer that any sane, rational and even slightly informed conscious individual could give.

If I had to think of one word to sum up the behaviour of the Russian government over the last four years it would be: “ZEN”!

The West started openly provoking Russia in the early 2000s but since the attempt to attack Damascus by the US in 2013 was thwarted by Russia, (and some say China too) Russia has been subjected to endless and very extreme provocations which can only be interpreted as being designed to goad Russia into making the first move towards war with the West.

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Whether the Western rulers actually want a third world war now and nuclear Armageddon (We have all read the stories and seen the photos of what are allegedly the luxury underground “bunkers” that the ruling elites have been preparing for themselves to inhabit while the rest of us burn at their bidding) or, whether they are arrogant and self deluded enough to think that Russia will just capitulate to their will if faced with the threat of all out war or that the population of Russia is actually oppressed and ready to rise up against its leadership for the chance to be “liberated”, or whether they believed that the Russian armed forces remain as inefficient, ill equipped, demoralised and potentially disloyal as they seemed to be, or at least as we in the west were told they were, in the years immediately after the collapse of the USSR and thus war with Russia this time round will be a pushover, I cannot tell but these provocations have been extreme and extraordinarily dangerous on the part of the west.

The violent overthrow of the Ukrainian government by the US and EU in February 2014 could oh so easily, if hotter heads had been in charge in the Kremlin, have led almost immediately to WW3.

It is clear that the Russians did not expect such an extreme move from the West and were caught napping. If Putin was the kind of person who allows himself to be eaten by personal pride or whipped into action while smarting from loss of face and even a few of his ministers and advisers were of a similar hue we could all be radioactive dust by now.

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The fact is that under Putin’s leadership, Russia has simply absorbed and dissolved every attack the west has thrown at it resorting to physical, military action only when considered absolutely necessary but also, crucially, when the possibility of success without bringing the west into a major, immediate armed conflict seemed virtually assured. The saving of Crimea and its population and the Russian intervention in Syria at the Syrian governments behest being the two most prominent examples.

The Russian restraint in retaliating in kind and refusing to be dragged into war has left the west increasingly exposed, at least to the more perceptive among its own population and others around the world, as the aggressive, lying, land grabbing force it actually is and has led to increasing frustration among the west’s rulers culminating in a petulant frenzy of provocations in the dying months of the Obama regime.

Ultimately, this outstanding display of disciplined “Zen” self control from the Russian leadership may not avert the all out war that the West appears to crave so much but it certainly has done so up until now and will still be talked about in a thousand years time assuming we somehow survive.

If ordinary citizens of the West can still go ordinarily about their ordinary business, it is thanks to team Putin in the Kremlin and certainly not their own governments.