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On Tuesday, Gregor Gysi, a member of the Bundestag, signed the “Manifesto for Peace” initiated by his parliamentary group colleague Sahra Wagenknecht and the publicist Alice Schwarzer.

In a statement published on the faction’s website, the former faction leader also explicitly calls for participation in the rally planned for February 25 in Berlin.

The manifesto and the rally are urgently needed in an “atmosphere of war hysteria,” he said. “Just as I resolutely rejected NATO’s war against Serbia, which was contrary to international law, and the war of the United States and other countries against Iraq, which was contrary to international law, I also reject Russia’s war against Ukraine, which is contrary to international law,” Gysi further stressed.

There is no interest for either side to continue this war; therefore, “an immediate ceasefire is needed, and pressure and diplomacy must be unleashed to this end.” Those who refuse such a cease-fire are accepting “many more deaths, injuries and destruction. What is needed is a return to “de-escalation, disarmament, reconciliation of interests, much more diplomacy and strict observance of international law on all sides”.

More than 420,000 people had signed the appeal by Tuesday evening. (jW)

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