Manifesto for Inclusive Capitalism: “Trust us, and you will be happy” | By Elena Veduta

Elena Veduta is the Head of the Department of Strategic Planning and Economic Policy of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Capitalism is a chaotically organized economy, in which business entities seek to maximize their profits through the exploitation of labor force and a predatory attitude towards nature. Economic chaos is accompanied by economic crises, bringing the economic system to balance forcibly through the destruction of production, the absorption of bankrupts by larger capitalists.  From time to time crises are temporarily “resolved” by military actions.  As F. Engels noted, every crisis “resolved” in this way carries the embryo of a much more grandiose future crisis.  Coming to the beginning of the 20th century, monopoly capitalism, which replaced the capitalism of free competition of the 19th century, organized the first and second world wars to “resolve” the global crisis.  At the same time, the second world war turned out to be significantly destructive than the first, and the third, due to the accumulated nuclear potential of states, may be the last for humanity.

Therefore, it is not surprising that humanity is looking for options for a nuclear-free solution to the current global crisis. Since the crisis is the destruction of production, which means a powerful blow to the low-income strata of the population, then a “peaceful” way out of it presupposes a transition to a mobilization model of management.

There are two possible projects of a mobilization management model for overcoming the current global crisis:

– effective management of the economy to improve the quality of life and all-round development of the personality;

– totalitarian management of people for the “peaceful” destruction of social production, impoverishment and death of the population with losses significantly exceeding the losses of the second world war.

Practical implementation of both projects suggests, using the capabilities of modern information technologies, or rather artificial intelligence (AI).  The first project needs to create AI for effective management of the economy, the second – to create AI for totalitarian control of people.

Understanding the threat of nuclear war and the seriousness of the growing problems of social inequality, hunger, unemployment, the intensification of social unrest in the world and environmental degradation, the Vatican together with representatives of 27 of the largest global corporations, banks and foundations created in December 2020 a Council that launched its project to ” reload ” the economy, called “Inclusive Capitalism”[1]. Noble goals are declared in the project – lifting people out of poverty, promoting global innovation and the growth of public goods.  Project supporters (hereinafter – the Party) are

determined to create fair cooperation of the economy and society to improve the lives of people around the world through the introduction of global innovation, increasing responsibility within institutions, individuals and joint actions of the business world, creative leaders and society as a whole to achieve a common goal inclusive capitalism, set by the Council – the growth of public goods for humanity to achieve, set by the Council – the growth of the public good for humanity, the achievement of happiness and well-being.

The Council’s website formulates, in fact, the Manifesto of Inclusive Capitalism, which contains the popular principles of its construction: equality of opportunities for all people from gender, ethnicity, religion or age in achieving prosperity and quality of life; fair results for those who has the same opportunities and use them in the same way, incl. in relation to future generations and to those members of society whose circumstances do not allow them to participate in the economy fully; trust between stakeholders in building inclusive capitalism, acting responsibly, transparently and in good faith, and in case of conflict with core values adoption of fast and fair response measures; ensuring the dynamism and sustainability of the development of inclusive capitalism for the long term by promotion of innovations and progress.

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As stated in the Manifesto, the guiding principles of inclusive capitalism lie at the core of the approach and best practices for its construction. The approach and methods itself, as follows from the Manifesto, are reduced to repeating the already announced principles-declarations: promotion of responsibility within institutions and individuals for the common good of humanity;  reforming of global capital markets and business practices through concrete steps that determine the success of a growing dynamic, inclusive economy and society by promoting of innovations and adaptation;  inspiring joint actions by the business world, creative leaders and society as a whole, adherents of the best practices for the development of inclusive capitalism to achieve a common goal; support for initiatives aimed at removing systemic barriers to promote principles of inclusiveness.

Repeatability and excess of declarations of the principles and the methods for their implementation indicate that the Council has no idea about the plan for building inclusive capitalism that brings happiness to people. The Council cannot have this plan, since the fulfillment of the goal set by the Council within the chaotically organized economic system of capitalism is impossible. If we go to a consciously organized economic system, which is only capable to realize the declared goal of the project, then it will mean the transition to socialism. Here, the only tool for coordinating actions to achieve the growth of the common good with the help of global innovations is cybernetic AI in the economy, based on the dynamic interbranch balance developed by Nikolay Veduta by the method of successive approximations.

But the Council is interested in strengthening their power on the backdrop of the endless agony of capitalism. Therefore, it forced to operate by declarations to build ” unknown what” (inclusive capitalism) by the so-called advanced development methods – ” unknown how”. With this approach the Council’s announced project, which assumes that each member of the Party, working together with others, will find the best approaches for institutions, industries and governments for the construction of “unknown what”, using “unknown how” some methods of developing inclusive capitalism, is not just naive, but hypocritical.

However, such serious people, united in the Council with the intentions to implement their project of inclusive capitalism, cannot play with empty words. Therefore, сonsidering the need of transition to a mobilization model of management for a “peaceful” permission

the current global crisis, we can confidently conclude that behind the “mask” of declarations of inclusive capitalism lies the Council’s plan to introduce AI for totalitarian control of people. The aim of this AI is to suppress all people’s resistance to future impoverishment and death

with losses significantly exceeding the losses of the Second World War, and ultimately, the transformation of people into “happy” biorobots.

The implementation of any global project requires its support by active citizens,

ready for selfless activity in the name of its execution. Therefore, the Council forms a party of its adherents, inviting them to join its movement.  For this, a subscription is opened on the site for filing statements to join into its organization from industries all over the world, as well as individual citizens who support the principles of inclusive capitalism and taking obligations to their implementation.

The Council’s website also contains the Charter defining the supreme bodies of the party, its structure and requirements for the party members to participate actively in building an inclusive society declaratively “realizing reliability, justice, responsibility, dynamism and stability for a happy future for all people on our planet “.

At the top of the party hierarchy is the Council, which has self-appointed itself as the Leader of Humanity because it gave out project of inclusive capitalism and has the influence and resources to make its coordinated contribution to build a new society. General directors and others business and community leaders committed to promote inclusive capitalism, are joining as stewards. The party’s allies are also registered here as non-profit organizations, foundations and international organizations that work in parallel with the mission and values ​​of the Council. Individuals can also register to participate in the movement to build inclusive capitalism. The leader appoints guardians to his governing organ (Politburo), which will determine the general direction of work.

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In such a structure there is no hint of democratic centralism.  Totalitarian management of people does not need it. It needs totalitarian control of the party, which will be carried out by aspiring careerists who will be ready to carry out any instructions of the Leader for the sake of personal well-being.

The Council believes that it helps the UN to achieve goals of sustainable development improving the well-being and protection of the planet. However, the UN only declares its goals, without having economic development plan for the practical implementation of these goals. Evaluating the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UN draws attention to the need to use digital technologies to overcome the crisis.

According to the UN[2], reduction in production, accelerated by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, inflicts heavy hit on manufacturing industries, causing disruptions in global value chains and product supply.  The UN notes that the pandemic has not only accelerated the digitalization of many businesses and services, including teleworking and video conferencing systems remote work systems and access to healthcare, education, basic goods and services, but also identified an urgent need for a sustainable information and communication infrastructure. Therefore, the UN encourages Governments to invest in infrastructure to accelerate economic recovery, create jobs, reduce poverty and stimulate investment.

The UN believes that sustainable industrialization, alongside with innovation and infrastructure, can release competitive economic forces that create employment, income and ensure efficient use of resources. How? Because the UN has no answer, then the UN assumes that the world will have a long way to go, to unleash this potential completely. What if contrived UN potential will not open, what will happen then?

In the meantime, modern digital sphere of services and enterprises does not have no

relations to the economy entering the trajectory of the growth of public goods. The practice of its application has shown that the current digitalization provides only the establishment of total control over people’s behavior during further immersion into a crisis.

We can agree with the UN on the need for responsible consumption and production, which have a devastating impact on the planet, degrade the environment, which threatens our survival and future development. The UN’s concern is also understandable, when it associated with such figures: if the world’s population will reach 9.6 billion by 2050, then will be required the resources of the three planets of the Earth to ensure the maintenance of the current way of life.

However, the question arises about the unlimited human needs and limited opportunities of planet to satisfy them.

Within the framework of the capitalist economic system, enterprises focused on maximizing their profits are constantly striving to create new products that replace old ones, the life of which turns out to be relatively short due to physical and moral deterioration wear. Here, the controlling parameter is production, and the demand is the dependent variable.  At the same time, the capitalist is absolutely does not care the further fate of the used product, which replenishes mountains of garbage on land and in the oceans, as well as the so-called limited capabilities of the planet. Moreover, all the UN-proclaimed sustainable Development Goals by 2030 cannot be achieved within the framework of capitalism.

Therefore, the UN’s submissions that the current crisis presents an opportunity to move to a more stable economy systematically that works for the benefit of people, in which a compromise will be reached between the unlimited needs of people and the limited possibilities of the planet to satisfy them, is an attempt to cross a hedgehog with a snake. An illustrative example of such a crossover is, on the one hand, the UN declared

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war on poverty, and, on the other hand, the transition to a low-carbon and green economy, which implies high costs for developing countries.

And yet the UN, realizing that the current model of global governance is leading humanity to disaster, continues to hope that the COVID-19 pandemic has come

to “help” countries. It encourages them to develop recovery plans which will reverse the current negative trends and change model of consumption and production, in which economic growth is directly related to environmental degradation, to a model of efficient use of resources to enter the trajectory of a sustainable future – sustainable growth of public goods.

But while the UN hopes and the national elites are “silent”, the global elite has already announced a new project for the development of humanity- inclusive capitalism. You can forget about its declarative goals and methods of solving the problems of capitalism. But we must not forget about the promised “reset” of the economy. Here the Council was inaccurate too. This is not about “resetting” the economy, which will remain spontaneously developing without cyber AI in the economy, but about “resetting” global governance. Liberal global governance, which uses monetary instruments to redistribute generated income and assets in favor of the global elite, will be replaced by a global digital

Control people at the DNA level to establish the totalitarian power of the global elite.

For the Council, capitalism must be eternal.Thus, the Council regards the contribution of capitalism to the wealth and prosperity of billions of people around the world as positive, believing that in conditions of unprecedented technical progress, capitalism must continue develop in order to create an inclusive capitalism that will bring happiness to all.

However, this assessment of capitalism does more than just contradict the Council’s own concerns about climate disruption, public health crises and social unrest.

The Council cynically ignores the principle of historicism, and namely transformation of the progressive role of capitalism in comparison with feudalism in the 19th century in connection with the first industrial revolution associated with the use of machines into a reactionary one in the 20th and 21st centuries. It is associated with great destruction of the productive forces during world and local wars, with the growth of poverty and unemployment, environmental degradation. In an effort to preserve and increase its power, the Council unites all active immoral and vicious forces to oppose the second industrial revolution, designed to assert socialism to solve the problems of capitalism and ensure all-round personality development.

The introduction of digital technologies in the field of trade and financial services, document circulation and control over people in the context of the ongoing economic chaos only reduces social productivity and leads civilization to death for the sake of the interests of the self-appointed global Leader. It’s time

for the second industrial revolution – the introduction of AI in the economy for the real exit of Humanity on the growth trajectory of public welfare (not the Leader), the realization of true digital democracy. The time has come for national projects implementing the strengthening of national sovereignty for the final victory in the undeclared third global war against Humanity. Here a vital role will belong Russia.