Greece, the rise of totalitarianism and the need to fight it

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
August 28, 2023

Imagine what would happen if Tsipras were the Prime Minister and the whole country was burning the way it is burning this year. The media would have cut him to pieces; they would be crucifying him from dawn to dusk; they would have forced him to resign.

Now, no harm, no foul. They show the fires, of course, but they generally avoid the live reports or program interruptions they systematically do on much less important issues. They were interested a few months ago in showing us live the funeral of the fallen King Constantine, an American stooge who played a central role in preparing the dictatorship necessary in its turn for the (US inspired) Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Now, with all of Greece burning like never before, they suppressed the issue as much as they could; if they could, they wouldn’t even mention it. For the first time in any major or even minor event the TV channels avoided showing us people, civilians, and letting them comment. Obviously because if they showed the terrible anger of the Greek people, Mr Mitsotakis could not stand in Maximou (the building where is the office of the Greek PM) even for an hour.

There is more; when they saw that a week had passed and the fires in Dadia and Parnitha were not extinguished, they got them out of the spotlight! At the moment of writing these lines (27.8) Thrace and other fronts are still burning.

Operating a giant lobotomy on the Greek people, they are trying to blame the fires on the migrants and the agents of the Russians and Turks! ( They cannot, however, present us with even a single clue, nothing like a trace, or even a shadow of a clue. Not even half a logical reasoning that would make the nonsense they are spinning somewhat plausible. Why all of a sudden would Turkey, actually waiting to ‘collect’ from Mr. Mitsotakis serious consessions of state sovereignty, risk a crisis with Greece? To gain what? And can these “immigrants and agents” operate freely in Thrace, an advanced line of defense, in Rhodes, but also in Andros and Boeotia and a whole lot of other places? If the outrageous things that the panicked and sick minds of the government’s propagandists are putting together were actually happening, shouldn’t the government, responsible for having left the whole country unguarded, do at least hara-kiri?

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The methods they use insult the memory of the victims, mock the people who were destroyed and blatantly underestimate the intelligence of the Greek people.

It looks like we’ve done a 360-degree turn around ourselves. We have again, in information, approximately the same situation we had under the Junta, although the methods are more “refined”, different, but not less, rather more dangerous for the health of our society and the spiritual condition of the Greek people.

The same is true of the power structure. Never before have private oligarchic swindlers (to be named so because they are kleptocrats and not productive capitalists) and foreign economic interests, never, since the dictatorship of 1967-74, have the Americans and their agents so openly, so shamelessly, run the country as they do today. Again, the methods may have changed, the substance not.

And at least, at the time of the dictatorship we had political forces and organizations, even in exile, that told things by their name, revealed that the country was under occupation.

All this runs through a totalitarian mechanism operating deeply under the surface, with no need of brute exercise of military force or the threat of it. It includes the control of most political parties and social institutions by private interests, foreign secret services (Greek ones simply do not exist) and embassies, mainly the US embassy and, to a significant extent, the Israeli one. Far behind in influence are the Germans and the British. Everyone is watched, everyone is controlled and an unaccountable private company of a friend of the Prime Minister counts the votes in the elections.

There can be no issue more important for every human being, for every Greek who still retains a shred of dignity, than the struggle to overthrow this totalitarian regime.

Translated from Greek

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