Ask Putin for help now!

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos 

The whole country is burning and the state machine seems completely helpless and uncoordinated. In such conditions it is a crime that the Prime Minister, his government and his party have not asked Russia to send the giant firefighting aircrafts that helped in the past in the Greek fires.  

The same crime is committed by the opposition parties (if this thing can be considered an opposition) which do not dare to ask for it and pressure the government, more concerned with their relations with the Embassy than with the salvation of the country. It is also a crime for all the MPs of New Democracy who do not come out to ask for it. They are all co-responsible. 

We do not know whether Moscow will respond positively, given the Mitsotakis’ policy against Russia. We hope that it will, we hope it retains a sympathy to the Greek people with whom Russians, often in history, found themselves fighting from the same trench, as during the anti-fascist war. In any case, however, the Greek political leaders do not have the right to let the whole country burn and not use every means at their disposal, in order not to harm their “prestige” and not to spoil their relations with their transatlantic protectors. 

The problem of arson of the whole country, after the collapse of the railways and of the NHS, sheds a merciless light on exactly where the country is, at the mercy of small, large and very large interests, Greek and foreign, that is, how close to the general collapse (implosion) both internally and externally. 

Translated from Greek

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