Hybrid War

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos 

The worst government of all time and the various corruption, dementor and far-right lobbies who are trying to help it, are now trying to attribute responsibility for a huge and largely preventable national disaster to immigrants, Turkish and Russian agents or aliens. 

Before it was the climate crisis. Obviously there is the climate crisis, but this is a reason to do more, not less, to tackle the repercussions of the extreme weather phenomena it is provoking! 

As climate change is no longer sufficient to justify Greece’s unprecedented destruction and the government’s responsibility for that destruction, they are using expressions of unfathomable meaning such as “hybrid war” and “asymmetric threats” to explain the Greek brothel. The more pompous an expression, the more impression it makes. The more incomprehensible and obscure, the less one subjects it to criticism and scrutiny. This is public relations at its worst. 

Even the Supreme Court has mobilised to find the criminal gangs that are setting the woods on fire. But it need not search the forests of Thrace (North-Eastern Greece). It would be enough to investigate the Maximou (building where the office of the Greek PM is located) and the ministries to find out that nothing works either in the state or in the government and that this state and this government cannot deal with fires or any other problem of the country. All intelligent Greeks know what is of interest exclusively to the government and the state. We assume that the honourable senior judges are aware of this too. 

Do thet really expect this state and these politicians to protect us from fires, something they did not achieve even in much better times? 

And if they want to know about the criminal gangs operating in Thrace why don’t they ask Mr. Mitsotakis, who is monitoring everyone (or alternatively the Israeli secret services who set up the surveillance network)? 

We certainly cannot rule out that some people are starting fires. Not of course the immigrants, or Russian and Turkish agents but, more likely, the well-known corrupted circles of the Greek construction companies of all sorts (who usually have excellent relations with the government). Historically they are behind many of the fires necessary for the real estate “development”.  

In any case, either way, why does nobody get caught? 

The chief of the Armed Forces went to Thrace with his commandos to make patrols, with the state again spreading rumours about unknown incendiaries! 

Of course there is a war. It is a very real war, launched by the government, the systemic totalitarian mass media (which surpassed the media of the dictatorship, albeit with different methods), our interwoven journalistic, intellectual, university world and all versions of a stupid far right which has been liberated as a result of the incredible mess of the Greek Left and Centre-Left of all shades. It is the war being waged by the indescribable Greek “elite” and the government of this country against the mind, integrity, memory and dignity of Greek citizens.

OK, let us admit that immigrants, Turks and Russians started the fires. Did immigrants, Turks and Russians force the trains to collide last March? Were the ambulances in time to reach the patients who died waiting for them? Did they tear down the bridge in Patras, killing the people below? Did they tear down our schools and hospitals? Did they leave our airports and airlines without certification? Did they leave the Kanadair firefighting planes without proper maintenance, thus provoking the death of two pilots last month? Did immigrants, Turks and Russians force our politicians to take bribes from Siemens, Novartis and a thousand other firms? 

In the state that the Greek state is today, if Turkish and Russian agents really wanted it, they would have literally blown it up. 

Scandals and crises are happening in other countries. Only in somewhat “normal” countries, that is, countries which retain some prospects and possibilities of survival, do they provoke a kind of corrective reaction. In Greece they cause even greater deviations from the normal mode of state operation. 

The country looks like a patient at the last stage, suffering multi-organ failure… 

PS. A major and very important issue that was not the subject of this article is the cannibalism of the Greek state for thirteen years in implementation of the colonial destructive programmes imposed by Germany, the EU and the IMF, which are still operating – despite the lies of the Greek political parties – ,and which will remain until 2060, assuming that Greece will still exist by then.                                                                                                               

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At a time when the climate crisis makes necessary the creation of a much more resilient infrastructure, the Greek infrastructure has been left without any new investments, while state personnel and government spending has been cut dramatically in application of the “bail out programmes” imposed by European powers and the IMF to Greece.   

The disasters happening now, and the even more serious ones to come, are programmed by the bail out programs.  

To the material results of the European policies, one must also add the by no means insignificant moral and psychological results of the pressure exercised on the country. 

PPS . We recall that both the firefighters and the Civil Protection asked, as did also former Minister Alekos Papadopoulos, PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis to ask Russia for help. But it seems the government is more interested in maintaining good relations with America than in saving Greek forests.