Erdogan Blames ‘Hungarian Jew Soros’ for 2013 Protests That Rocked Turkey

Turkey’s president joins a slew of right-wing governments attacking Soros, Bloomberg reports, accusing Soros of backing 2013 Gaza Park protests

Nov 21, 2018

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused “the famous Hungarian Jew” George Soros of backing anti-government protests that rocked his country in 2013, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

The Gezi Park protests – Turkey’s biggest anti-government demonstrations in decades – erupted in the summer of 2013 over government plans to raze the green space and build a shopping mall.

In his comments, Erdogan referred to the Jewish Hungarian-American as the “famous Hungarian Jew Soros” and said he had received assistance from a “local collaborator,” Osman Kavala.

Kavala, a wealthy businessman and the head of Kavala Companies, was arrested in October 2017 and jailed for a year for the charge of “attempting to overthrow the government of the Republic of Turkey” and “attempting to overthrow the constitutional order.”