Clashes between police and students protesting “private universities”

Jan 11, 2023

Clashes between students and police broke out in Athens and Thessaloniki on Thursday, when students took to the streets to protest government plans to legislate in favor of private universities in Greece.

The students chanted slogans “Degrees free of charge!” and “Free public education for all!”

pictures via @lolosmarios


The clashes broke out outside the Parliament in downtown Athens.

Riot police used their shields and made limited use of teargas.

Nobody was injured, mainstream media reported.

Clashes were also reported in the northern city of Thessaloniki between students and police forces outside Aristotle University.

Protesting students have announced a four-day-long of mobilizations including the occupation of higher education facilities.

In a country with widespread corruption and mistrust toward institutions, opponents of private universities, that is opposition parties and parts of the society, claim that anyone with money will be able to “pay” for a degree including a medical one.

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