Greece: Violent Clashes with Police

Three police officers injured, 5 arrests during clashes in Athens

The protesters are against the police being able to take DNA samples from suspects
Oct.26, 2021

Three police officers were injured during clashes with anarchists in downtown Athens on Tuesday. The clashes started on Patission street, at the height of the University of Economics when hooded men set up roadblocks, lit rubbish bins on fire, while the traffic in Patission was stopped.
Earlier clashes also broke out in Exarchia, following a march by anti-authoritarians in the centre of Athens.
According to reports, after the march, a group of people attacked police forces with fire extinguishers who responded with the use of tear gas.
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Relentless questions on killing of young Roma by Greek police remain unanswered

October 26, 2021
Relentless questions about the killing of the young unarmed Roma Nikos Sampanis remain unanswered still four days after the shootout in Perama late last Friday. Seven police officers involved in the shooting remain detained in the headquarters of the Greek Police as the communication between the police operation center and the motorcycled unit DIAS is being leaked to the press.
The seven police officers are facing charges of homicide with possible intention and are expected to be brought before the investigator on Wednesday, October 27.
In the dialogue published by newspaper tanea and MEGA TV, it is more than clear that the officer in charge of communication ordered the motorcycled officers to stop the chase of the car.
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