Riot police withdraws from Lesvos & Chios after raging against locals and cars

February 27, 2020

Eight riot police squads departed from the island of Lesvos on Thursday morning after an unprecedented use of violence against people and …parked cars.
The squads embarked ferry “Nisos Rodos” at 9 o’ clock in the morning. Loaded were also police buses, machinery and equipment that was transferred to the islands last Monday night in order to facilitate operations in Kavakli-Karava where the new closed migration center is to be constructed.
The ferry on an extraordinary schedule is to transfer to Athens also riot police forces from the island of Chios at 12 o’ clock noon.
Locals see in the withdrawal a “huge defeat for the government,” however, they are still in rage about the extensive use of violence committed by the riot police during the two days they stayed on the islands.
The violence was not only against protesting locals but against vehicles as well.
Several videos uploaded on social media, show fully equipped riot police to shoot at parked vehicles, smash windshields and destroy car mirrors.

Dozens Reported Injured as Clashes Continue on Greece’s North Aegean Islands

Tensions on Greece’s North Aegean islands over the creation of new migrant detention centers ramped up on Wednesday, as a total of 43 police officers and dozens of residents have been reported injured on Lesvos and Chios.
Police accuse some local residents of shooting with hunting rifles against their men on Lesvos.
According to Greece’s Ethnos newspaper, which quoted police sources, a total of 43 officers have been injured on the island so far, two of whom sustained serious wounds. There are also reports of more than ten injured protesters near the Karavas area.
The Karavas area is the site where the Greek government plans to establish a new migrant detention center.

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