Aegean: Facing a violent popular revolt, the Greek government retreats in panic

Chaos on Lesvos: Locals with guns against riot police in military barracks

February 26, 2020
Chaos on the island of Lesvos with the situation to have escalated almost to civil unrest: Locals armed with guns teared down entrance of military barracks where six riot police squads have sought shelter. The squads are being ordered to spend the night in the barracks after angry locals have raided the hotels where they are accommodated.
“A large crow of locals surrounded the military camp Kyriazis, broke the entrance and set up fires, while incidents are taking place,” state-run news agency amna reports without further details on Wednesday night.
Local and national media like ethnos “armed with rifles, locals fire at the riot police.”

Shocking video: Angry locals raid hotel, beat riot policemen on Chios

February 26, 2020
The already tense situation on the island of Chios went completely out of control on Wednesday when a group of angry locals raided a hotel where riot policemen from Athens are accommodated. They first entered the rooms that were empty and threw away from windows and balconies everything they found inside: clothes, personal items even underwear.
But their range was not satisfied. They raided rooms where police officers were resting and beat them.
The video from local Alitheia TV shows a group of young and elderly men entering a room and starting beating the police officers. Somebody tries to prevent the worse by shouting “No! No! Let’s go away!” As the group continues the beating, the man shouts “Enough! Enough! Let’s go out! They are humans!”

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Lesvos, Chios strike: Police against locals, forest fire due to flash grenades

February 26, 2020
Public services, banks, cafes and restaurants and even kiosks are closed down on the island of Lesvos on Wednesday. Locals joined the general strike to protest the unprecedented police violence against those protesting the construction of a closed migration center.
Locals gathered at Sappho main square of Mytiline and marched to the court hall.
Others, continue their resistance against the excavating machinery and clashed with hundreds of riot policemen deployed to Lesvos from Athens on Tuesday.
“Fires in the forest of Diavolorema, tear gas, clashes and bleeding heads summarize what is going on Wed morning,” noted local daily lesvosnews.

After island violence, government announces partial withdrawal of riot police

After extensive clashes between officers and islanders that left 62 people injured on the eastern Aegean islands of Lesvos and Chios, the government announced on Wednesday that it is withdrawing most of the riot police units that were stationed there to counter fierce reaction to the creation of new, closed migrant camps.
Speaking to Kathimerini, an official from the Ministry of Citizens’ Protection confirmed what government spokesman Stelios Petsas had said earlier on Wednesday to Alpha TV, that the decision to withdraw riot units was taken after the completion of the first phase of preparatory work for the construction of the centers.

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