Turkey escalates verbal attacks against Greek PM with direct insults

May 24, 2022

Turkey escalated verbal attacks against the Greek Prime Minister on Tuesday and Erdogan’s government partner,  nationalist Devlet Bahceli went so far to directly insult Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Speaking to his parliamentary group, the leader of the Nationalist Movement,  Bahceli, used very harsh word and called the Greek PM  “a pawn of the West,” and a “coward.”

“The fact that this prime minister, who timidly took refuge under the wings of the United States and speaks over here and there, aspires to become the pawn of the West, is a historic rupture, a dishonorable weakness. Mitsotakis, who brought the map of the [Turkish expansion plan] Blue Homeland to the agenda during his meeting with the US president and complained about Turkey, is as insidious and cowardly as his grandparents. The Turkish nation will resist the policy of harassment and provocations of Greece until the end and will stand against the attackers in the Mediterranean and the Aegean under any circumstances.”

In his delirious speech, Bahceli reportedly said also t”The visit of the Prime Minister of Greece to the United States, the dubious and unprincipled scenes during this visit, once again revealed the growing prejudice against Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots. USA and Greece met on the same line […]  they found common ground against Turkey.”

He attacked Mitsotakis also for his reference to the Cyprus issue during his speech at the US Congress and claimed that the Greek PM “ignored the facts and tried to hide the barbarity. First of all, let everyone know that Cyprus is Turkish and will remain Turkish. No matter how much Prime Minister Mitsotakis opposes, there is no other way out in Cyprus than the two-state solution, which will be based on sovereignty and equality. The will of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots is in this direction. Either they will accept it willingly or this goal will become a reality.”

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Erdogan’s government partner said “when will Mitsotakis remember the massacres, the bloody attacks, the atrocities and the tortures against the Turkish Cypriots? When will he confess and express his honest attitude? The fate of Cyprus is not Greek rule, but Turkish rule.”

Bahceli, who is also the leader of the fascist Grey Wolves organization, lashed out at the Greek PM less than 24 hours after Erdogan announced he would never speak with Mitsotakis again.

Short after Erdogan’s announcement Turkish fighter jets violated the Greek airspace and the FIR Athens on Monday night, and entered 8.5 nautical miles north of the island of Lesvos. They were intercepted by Greek fighter jests.

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